Logo's Quetzal 3.0

Pinkwarrior 2208

Logo's give's me some search (something anarch has none of) allowing me to go get what i need to change the board around.

Darwin plus Fester slows the corp for purging and cost them creds for doing so. The supplier saves so much money on resource's and hardware it's silly. D4v1d allows me to keep Darwin at a lowish 4 str.

Mimic allows me through most sentry's cheap and means i dont have to parasite swordsman if i see it. Express delivery cos i had a spare influence.

2.0 - After quite abit of advice on the original idea for this deck i decided to republish the version i intent to use.

Dirty Laundry swapped for Sure Gamble

Aesop's Pawnshop swapped for 3rd The Supplier

Nerve Agent swapped for Hemorrhage

Express Delivery swapped for Keyhole

3.0 - So i've finally been able to get a quite abit of good games to really take a look at the performance of this deck. I found that the econ is healthy (to say the least) and getting through Ice to be mostly a breeze.

I however didn't find much use for hemorrhage and kept wishing it was Nerve Agent, D4v1d i found to be rather useful keeping me safe from Archer's and giving the Corp pause for thought about installing big Ice.

I found Knight however to be the lest use of the deck i would frequently get it, look at the board and think nope don't need you.

The biggest issue i found was clicks their never seem to be enough in a turn to do everything you want (possibly because of so many options or the amount of drawing that's required).

Change's -2 Knight +1 Nerve Agent +1 Rachel Beckman

I want to keep the Hemorrhage in for now as it should pair well with Nerve Agent but is next on my hit list to get rid of if it continues to be of little use.

18 Nov 2014 Pinkwarrior

Just a quick update rather than republishing:- Hemorrhage still seems to be under performing so I've cut it for a 3rd Cyberfeeder.

Other than that the decks seems to be running like a charm now and Rachel Beckman can really help.

1 Jan 2015 ttsgosadow

Looks like a very fun deck; will try this out!