Meditation III

Greek Geek 461

No man is an island all by himself... er... I mean: This is my first Harmony Deck. I think it 's worst enemy will be Silhouette and exposing effects First turn should look something like: Ice HQ, economy, or MNS a trap, Fetal or GRNDL. The idea is off course to delay the runner with net damage, some early ETR ice, Hudson 1.0,Unorthodox Predictions and if you get money use the scary Inazuma, Tsurugi.

No TOL here, I prefer Burst economy. Only 6 advancable cards that are not Agendas, one of them Ice, it won't be helpful methinks

Variations: 1) Ditch GRNDL, MNS, put 2xJackson, 3xTOL, maybe better FA? 2)Caduceus or Uroboros? I am confused here. It has a high Rez cost, but at 2 traces at 4, a very storng ETR effect... especially on HQ 3) with MNS Thomas Haas finally has an advantage on Jinteki decks since it nets you some profit. Ditch GRNDL and a Junebug, put 2x Thomas.

Please give me your thoughts

22 Dec 2013 PeekaySK

Both Caduceus and Uroboros are wrong choices here, I feel. You want ICE that doesn't cost you credits, but makes you credits - I'd probably ditch the Caduceus, Refinery and both Chums and go with 3x Popup Window and another Hudson. Popups are especially great in front of traps, because then even getting siphoned to 0 credits doesn't disable them, so the runner can never be quite certain.

I'd probably go up to 44 cards and add 4 more pieces of ice (2 more Katanas, 2 more Tsurugis). Alternatively, fitting in two Tricks of Light (to salvage failed traps) would also be an improvement. Maybe +1 Katana, +1 Tsurugi, +2 ToL?

22 Dec 2013 Greek Geek

I am skeptical about PopUp in this deck. I want taxing Ice that stops the runner from making runs each turn, not economy cards. I would never ditch Chum, it's ETR by itself as soon as the runner meets it, especially early game. Refinary maybe, it's more of a suprise Hit or Miss card, the influence could be used elsewhere.

If I raised the card Numbers it would probably be something like that: -1 Refinary, +2 Shipment from San San 2x Celebrity gift, 2x ToL,

22 Dec 2013 PeekaySK

I know how powerful Chum is, I pretty much play 3 in every corp deck ever :D

However, for it to be the case, you need to have enough non-positional ice first - here we're talking about 12 ice in a 40-card deck, 2 of which are Chum. More often than not, you'll only have a chum and nothing to put behind it.

23 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

Corporate war :(

23 Dec 2013 AsteriskCGY

Yea that should just be another brain trust.

23 Dec 2013 Greek Geek

Probably not the best choice but I am a bit worried about economy, although Corp War is not the best choice...

24 Dec 2013 omegalife2002

Yeah, I'd ditch the Corp War and either put in another brain trust, or a couple Profiteering if you are worried about money. Speaking of, where is Celebrity Gift?! Ditch the Beanstalks and get some real money in this deck. Put those influence points into your ice.

Also, this ID really suits a "rush" style deck, which yours has none of. PE would probably suit this setup better.

25 Dec 2013 Greek Geek

I tested profiteering and it doesn't look too good BP is a killer for Jinteki. As I said before: -1 Refinary, -2 Beanstalk +2 Shipment from San San 2x Celebrity gift, 2x ToL,+1 Heimdal 1.0

44 card deck, that is probably rushier... isn't it?