The Red Coats (v2.0)

Ajar 1606

I took this to Worlds and went 5-2 with it. Wins were versus 3x Noise, Quetzal, and Chaos Theory; the losses were to Yogosaurus Atman Kit (the nightmare matchup) and Andromeda.

I'm very happy with this list and have no plans to change it anytime soon. Inazuma is spectacular in front of almost all of the ice in the deck, but getting a second Architect hit out of it is the goal.

In general, fire your ABTs.

Ichi 2.0 on Archives is a tasty surprise for players looking to build up Datasucker tokens with cheap runs.

Other than that, glacier up. Ideally you have a deep remote with Ash and 30 credits stockpiled for scoring your last two agendas.