Ancestral Synergy 1.0 ( feat x3r0h0ur )

Dydra 2773

So I finally came up with somewhat of a stable version for my Quetzal deck.

The idea is, as the name suggests, that uses tons of card-synergy to make a fun, yet competitive deck.

x3r0h0ur helped me a lot post the 0.75 version, where we decided to take it away from the original Acount Siphon, by providing ideas and more importantly testing, which sadly I don't have a lot of time for nowadays.

This deck is able to keep up with NEH quite well and I'd say the match up is really a toss-up if they draw their Astro-train or not.

x3r0h0ur came up with the Retrieval Runs and the Femme Fatale's are my additions to it.

I will explain in a little more detail, all the synergies that this deck has, but not tonight because I'm a little tired :)

To be continued ...

11 Nov 2014 x3r0h0ur

Name dropper.

11 Nov 2014 Dydra

what's wrong with the name ;)

11 Nov 2014 x3r0h0ur

I was joking ya. I also thought aboutvaome big stuff to use with return. Femme is great, so is morning star, but quetzal handles that with e3. My beef with femme is that it is dead vs blue sun...but again I guess quetzal and d4v1d handle that. I might sleeve something like this up again after the store tournament next weekend.

12 Nov 2014 Dydra

Hehe, I always give props where and when they are due for :) I have very few games against Blue Sun ( almost no1 plays it in our meta atm) and yes, my guess is that Femme would suck against them, but they really helps for Tollbooth, Data Raven and Lotus Field, which are 90% of the time in the NEH mix.

Also yes, you can correctly see the deck ha 46 cards. The 46th card is DejaVu. I just couldn't live with the fact RR being my only recursion.

If you feel you can cut it, go ahead. If you want to be on the safe side like me, stay with it.

I had a game yesterday against a good player and a standard Astrobiotics NEH deck. He really lucked out by drawing the right Agendas early and leaving 3 agendas in 30 cards.

I started with Deep Red, Knight, Legwork, Imp and something else. I drew into Overmind and Keyhole. I stole an Astro and NAPD, and then in 2 turns I setup Overmind with 6 counters and Keyhole ... He had only one Quandary on R&D .. but he got his Astro-train rolling ( he managed to draw the 2 other Astros AND 1x NAPD and 1x Beal ) after Bioting his first Beal ...

I of course, decided that the chance of him having Agendas in the hand after 5 were on the table were low and continued locking R&D with Keyhole .... Landed 5 keyholes and saw only 1 Agenda :( he scored a the Beal he was holding with an astro counter.

Despite the loss, I was so happy with how the deck performed against a competitive NEH deck. This was a tournament game too btw.