HB Blood Angel 2.0 (Worlds Winter Tourney - Undefeated)

Cerberus 4838

I played this deck in the Worlds Winter Tourney side event, it was 84 players. Both my corp and runner decks went undefeated but I came second on SoS to Jesse Vandover. Alt art Eli was first place as well :(

I love this deck and was considering playing it in the Worlds main event. It is an updated version of the decklist I published here http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/8428/hb-blood-angel-worcester-manaleak-winning-corp- with a few changes.

I have gone more out for the flatline, with Vitruvius over ABT, and Archived Memories to allow the double Punitive earlier.

24 Dec 2014 triplenine

As a nod to the current favorite ICE, do you think Architect has any place in this deck?

27 Dec 2014 Cerberus

@triplenine Yes definitely, the deck runs enough assets and upgrades that Architect firing can be really beneficial. Adding extra ice to your servers is also great for glacier builds.

Noise is sometimes a tough match up because of lucky 3 pointer mills and NEXT Silver being so vulnerable to Parasite. This would help this match up a lot.

I've played a version with -1 Rototurret, -1 Grim, +2 Architect and I think it is definitely viable.