Psike! (Nisei at Worlds)

Kevoun 227

You can find a description of my trip to worlds with a similar deck at Team Covenant:

The Project Junebug and Shattered Remains are swing slots that I'm trying out. So far I'm not super impressed with Junebug, it doesn't seem very scary without Mushin, whereas Overwriter and Shattered Remains can be installed and double advanced for a bigger hit to Plascretes or hand size. I missed the 3rd psychic field because it helps defend against expose. Another option is a 3rd Caprice as she is super versatile. Caprice is my main siphon/indexing defense.

I also try to keep a Jackson on the table for indexing, or if the runner has me R&D locked I can pop him before my turn for a fresh look. If the runner likes playing with remotes I use Jackson on things like Mushin and Ambushes. Against Noise I tend to save them for milled scorches and cerebral casts or agendas. If there are snares in archives it's usually game changing to cycle them back in, as the likelihood of hitting one increases toward the end of the game (when it's also likely I've sneaked a false lead through).

Kitsune will go on the server I think will be ran the most and stays unrezzed until I can get a kill with it. This would involve a click 1/2 run when I have a False Lead scored and a snare + kill shot (double/triple neural or scorches) in hand. The entire kill can cost up to 14ish if the runner is conservative and I haven't landed any brain damage. Usually it's less, but the snare is crucial so never go broke scoring agendas. I'll leave them on the table like a failed trap and click for credits to make sure I have money and score them a turn or two later.

Normally I'll just install what ice comes into my hand and click for credits/hedge fund until I can install a False Lead and Psychic Field together or Mushin out an ambush/agenda. The object is to try to lay down brain damage on the runner with the Cerebral Casts/Overwriters while I wait for a fist full of Neurals, Scorches, and likely a Snare. I tend to let my deck tell me whether to install an agenda or an ambush (the order I drew them), but if I get a good read I'll go for a play.

If the runner is super conservative I advance ronins and cerebrals up to 4 like they're the same thing, eventually forcing the runner to make a decision.

This deck is not for the faint of heart, but usually makes for hilariously entertaining games.

12 Nov 2014 Softman25


13 Nov 2014 squash957

Haha I think the previous comment sums up the reaction your opponents will regularly have after facing this.

13 Nov 2014 Softman25

That would be because I WAS the opponent. . . :D

I won't lie - it was a really entertaining deck to play against.

13 Nov 2014 RaidJTC

Hey, I tried this a few times yesterday and really liked it. I found that in both games, the runner was hitting RD a lot as that usually was the safer route (can't risk the overrides). I ran with an over mind build that basically nullified the kitsune method of winning. I Might throw in a swordsman to protect my kitsune if AI breakers make a comeback. Overall, this is one you definitely need to play a lot to play well but is extremely fun to play on both sides.

13 Nov 2014 Kevoun

@RaidJTC Yeah I haven't actually killed anyone with Kitsune yet, it's more like just another potential path to a kill shot you have available. I'd agree that R&D tends to be the safe play, but last night someone with RDIs hit double fetal AI -> forfeit false lead -> double neural. You can only safely score 5 points on philotic/false leads without playing psi games for FP or taking net damage from fetal, so the safest play isn't necessarily going to get you there every time.

Glad you're having fun with it!

24 Nov 2014 SlySquid

I love the deck, but I'm finding it hard to keep up on econ, I've been mulling over making it a 54 card deck... I use your floater spots for Medical Research Fundraiser's, but I'm thinking of adding two Gila Hands Arcology, adding a Yagura and that's all I got too lmao... What are your thoughts on that...?

24 Nov 2014 SlySquid

Also, what are your thoughts on Gemini over the pups?

24 Nov 2014 Kevoun

@SlySquid I seem to be able to click for credits enough to stay ahead of siphon and still have some money.. I do agree it can get a bit low manually advancing cards though.

If I were to add econ, yeah it would probably be in the form of Gila, Fundraiser, or Celebrity Gift. If I went to 54 cards I would probably consider some Shock!, Shi.Kyū, or more advanceable ambushes. I'm already thinking about shock to help set up kills on R&D multi-access and to guard archives (particularly against Noise).

Another option would be to remove a The Future Perfect and use the swing slots for 3 Gila Hands Arcology. This might be the best option because it would allow you more plays to double/triple install remotes, which is nice for getting cards out of hand so you can click for credits more often. Going to 54 would reduce the amount of core cards (Scorched Earth, Neural EMP, Mushin No Shin, Cerebral Cast) you see. With that agenda suite though I would also consider switching to PE.

I could see Gemini being useful, but I could also see it taxing my own economy to pump traces. It costs 3 to rez but if you want the extra net damage that's 3 more to pump, so it's at least a 6 credit play for a potential 2 net damage. That's 2-3 turns to recover the credits if I'm clicking for them. I'd give it a test run though.

25 Nov 2014 SlySquid

All great points, well the long and short of it is I love the deck and will be mucking with it....

Thoughts: I don't think adding agendas to the 49 card deck is right...

I think I like the idea of using your floater slots for more econ (I have 3x Medical Research Fundraiser and 2x Hedge Fund ATM) but maybe that's just cause I'm use to having 40+ credits with RP lol but maybe Celebrity Gift is better...

Not that it's really important, but I wish Diversified Portfolio wasn't so shit at the beginning of the game lol

Anywho, keep us posted on updates and jazz!

26 Nov 2014 Triffids

If a deck like this is looking for econ what about Shell Corporation? As an upgrade it can go on a remote holding an ambush asset. If the runner wants to trash it they have to hit the card it is installed with.

27 Nov 2014 Kevoun

Shell Corp is a solid idea, really I think All That Remains flew entirely under my radar because I was exclusively testing without it.

27 Nov 2014 SlySquid

That was my exact thought! -3 Hedge Fund, -1 Project Junebug, -1 Shattered Remains and add +3 Medical Research Fundraiser and +2 Shell Corporation... I published it, and I'm glad I figured out how to give you the credit @Kevoun!

27 Nov 2014 Arrrmand

Shell corp + traps is brilliant. Want to deny me money? Take 3 brain damage!

27 Nov 2014 VastikRoot

I've been running a variant of this deck (tweaks made mostly due to my limited card pool) and it's a lot of fun. I've struggled getting the right ICE out fast enough to shore up the centrals as i've got stuff like Inazuma and Chum which require other ICE first to work. Econ is tight too. Got plenty of kills though!