2014 Worlds. #8 Seed, Top 16. 238 People. 54 Cards, WTF?!

BazooKaJoe 712

Wait, WHAT?! 54 Cards?! WTF.

I got my fair share of looks & comments when I spilled the beans that I was rocking a 54 card Corp deck as a weird experiment...but y'know, it oddly felt......good? Went undefeated with my Corp deck all day, except for my 35 minute timed loss in the elimination rounds. I had just put counters on a Future Perfect in a secure remote & would have scored it my next turn. BLEH

If you want to get back to 49...drop a Fetal, 2 Pads, & 2 Interns.

I guess if I had any reasoning to WHY 54 cards it would be when I switched some Influence around to get 3 ELPs & had to drop Interns. I then decided to just bump them up & see what happens. Agenda density decreases now, although so does your consistency...so see how it feels for you if you give it a go. I tested 2 Fast Tracks instead of Interns which was kind of fun too.

Enhanced Logins is a card that will win you games with RP, although I do love ASH as well. Variety of ICE, with ELIs usually going to your scoring remote & the taxing stuff on centrals. You are weakest early, but once you start getting set up RP is a freakin' nightmare. Wraparound is the random 1 INF you could switch out to something different, but it works well to protect an early Sundew.

I felt like I had more control over the variance with RP than say...NeH so I went with what I was comfortable with. Dan @mediohxcore originally got me playing RP back in the day...& also laughed in my face when I told him I was playing 54 cards. :)

Runners played that day: Quetzal, Andromeda, Quetzal, Noise, Gabe, Noise, Kate, Andromeda.


12 Nov 2014 hhooo

Four Anarchs? No wonder you went undefeated, you bum! ;)

12 Nov 2014 BazooKaJoe

Hah. No 7 minute wins like you though. & PS, just move to Portland already.

12 Nov 2014 Dydra

Simple, tax the fuck out of them ;D

13 Nov 2014 hasuprotoss

Hahaha, all of my friends said you were trolling me when you told us that you had a 54 card corp deck in the lobby of the Radisson. However, I believed that you wouldn't tell a lie! Good to see that I was right!

Keep up the good work in both playing and running the Cascade Collective!

18 Nov 2014 Leviathan

Where would you put Caprice? On your centrals for denial on the mandatory run or on the scoring remotes for protection?

27 Apr 2015 spore

I really love this deck, you were absolutely right with the 54 cards. I tinkered around it for a while now and can't see what is best to be excluded. I switched the Quandary for an Crick from Breaker Bay.