The Committee of Spice and Toys.

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BahnCalamari 838

The core pieces of this deck

Accelerated Beta Test and Priority Requisition for rezzing the huge pieces of ice you should have played.

Efficiency Committee, Eliza's Toybox, Melange Mining Corp.. The commitee allows you to either use of of these cards twice, or install and still use on the same turn.

Architect - When you are using all three click for spice or toys you will be happy to have the architect installing more things for you to rez.


This actually plays almost like a rush deck. At least you need to push out that early agenda. Any one of the three will get you into a good spot. Your main priority should be creating a huge secure remote for temporary Toybox/Melange until you are ready for scoring. You have three of each so don't be scared to toss a melange if you have an opportunity to score something.

If someone hits an architect on their last click, install that ABT into a new remote and score it next turn. the arch will also allow you to see which cards are on top of your deck so you can be prepared for whatever you might not be installing.

Room for improvement

The econ. I really wish I could fit in a couple more burst events but I really don't want to reduce the ice density any lower.

The ice set up. 12 huge pieces of ice might be a bit high, but I need to be sure I see one or two in your first hand.

6 May 2015 cmcadvanced

Why not peak efficiency over green level? Or successful demonstration? I also think you could get away with replacing pop-up window and a tollbooth and melange with capital investors, a lotus field and breaker bay grid for rushing out those toyboxes. In fact, tollbooth seems silly to preemptively rez and that's what you want to be doing, why not have a one of curtain wall, wotan and three influence left for....well now I'm just coming up with stuff just for shits and giggles. I may have to tweak this...