Mother Goddess [Ver. Tennin Institute]

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deslaure 18

Mother Goddess is unbreakable unless the runner has an Icebreaker that can. If it's the case, you can trash it by surprise with Aggressive Secretary.

15 Nov 2014 miaxari

You can only have one Mother Goddess rezzed at a time though which means you will have to place this on the server you don't want the runner to get to the most and hope for the best. Once you've placed an Ice Wall Mother Goddess is now no better than Bastion.

Chimera is very expensive, the best think to do would be to replace NeoTokyo Grid and another card, perhaps a Toshiyuki Sakai with Akitaro Watanabe so that you can rez Chimera for free.

Also bear in mind that any exposed servers containing PAD Campaigns can be run by the the runner which stop you from getting your advancement.

16 Nov 2014 Pinkwarrior

5 Influence spare and no Jackson Howard am not saying you have to use it all but 5 influence is an oversight and lack of Jackson is another. It's possible to run the deck without him but when you have the influence spare he should be in he fix's so much.