My name is Stirling

Captain 48

I have never really played criminal because that play style-was not appealing to me. Thankfully, in the latest big box expansion, we were given a runner whose ability seemed a bit odd. Iain Stirling gets two credits at the start of his turn, provided the Corporation has more agenda points. At first glance, it seems like a terrible idea to allow the corp to race out ahead on Agenda points but we need to delve deeper. One of the main problems with a control style deck is that it needs to be able to install the rig all the while trying to score points so as to not allow the corp to take the lead. What if we sacrificed the early game to be well positioned to own the mid to late game? That is what Iain allows us to accomplish. We can sit back and build our own rig; if the corp scores some Agendas, it helps us by turning on those free two clickless credits which ultimately speeds up our own game. The key in the early game is to not waste any clicks making pointless runs for random access’. Once we are set up we can hit the central servers hard and lock down R&D before the corp can draw into their agendas. The deck that I have created is one that I like to think squeezes every last credit out of each click. It is built around a clickless economy engine. The main pieces are The supplier, Daily Casts, Professional Contacts, Aesops Pawn Shop, Cache, Bank Job. Early game we want to get The Supplier and Professional Contacts installed in the first two turns if possible. We have three Hostage to make sure we get them if we don’t see it in our opening hand. Once we have ProCo installed, don’t be afraid to use it liberally and dump whatever resource or hardware onto the supplier for cheaper installs. The next two pieces we need are Logos and Aesops Pawnshop. Logos will give us our tutor for whatever we need and Pawnshop really turns up the clickless economy to the next level. Daily casts coming off the supplier is a net eight credits for one click. Cache is a net Five credits for one click. If we have Autoscripter installed it is a net 5 credits for zero clicks. Bank job will net us 11 credits for one click (remember to leave one credit on it so you can Aesop’s it next turn.) The supplier also lowers the install cost by two for our key hardware HQ interface & R&D interface.
By about turn 7or 8, you should have about 20-30 credits, the economic engine running smooth and a fully assembled rig ready to decimate the corp.