Eko the Chaos (Big Girls Fold Origami)

omegalife2002 2876

So, this deck started as exercise to see what the limits for Overmind and Ekomind were. I decided to go with Chaos Theory for a few reasons: 1) I love Shaper, 2) I love Magnum Opus, and 3) I wanted a small deck size to speed up the play time.

So, naturally I decided to max out the hand, primarily with Public Sympathy and Origami. You want to get Leprechauns out early and start setting everything up on them. If you get everything out, you can then drop an Overmind with 17 counters on it! :) That just feels good.

I originally had 3x Ekomind, but I’ve found that it was overkill to have that many. I often had one too early and then it sat in the hand (which, long term, isn’t bad. It’s funny, but playing this deck makes you really hate to play cards, even Sure Gamble!), so I dropped it to 2x and added a Sneakdoor. Sneakdoor out of Shaper can be a fun surprise for the corp. :)

I should add this now: you WILL draw your entire deck and typically have about 15-19 cards in hand by the end of the game. It’s pretty funny.

You might be asking why have Armitage and Magnum Opus? Well, since there is only 1 MagOps, it’s nice to have a quick money option like Armitage. And, if you get MagOps out early, no biggy; Armitage just becomes MU! Which brings me to a good point: By the time you have a decent amount of your deck drawn, only play cards if you need to. You really want to keep you hand size up, so don’t spend all your Sure Gambles like you normally might. Save your cards because you will need them.

Inti is there because of Wraparound (the only AI hate card that really sees any play)

Anyway, this deck is a ton of fun to pilot and is pretty fast. Have fun if you give it a whirl!

EDIT: Also, I plan to add Sage to the deck when it comes out. :)

20 Nov 2014 pastorn

This seems really cool. How do you deal with Swordsman? Have you thought about LLDS Processor. As you're running 3 x Scavenge it would synergize quite well.

Nice that you're using Public Sympathy and Origami both to get around the Bagbiter bottleneck. But 3 x Public Sympathy nets you +6 hand size and 3 x Origami +9. What is it you do with 20 cards in your hand but can't do with 20? I think you might have a better deck with 2 x Clone Chip and adding 1 x Deus X instead of Public Sympathy. That way Komainu won't take all your Overmind counters. And you can run into a Psychic Field without breaking a sweat. And Swordsman just so happends to have the AP subtype :D

20 Nov 2014 moistloaf

looks fun. why not at least 1 Levy AR Lab Access though?

20 Nov 2014 omegalife2002

@pastorn You have some good thoughts here, and I'll run through them all:

Swordsman - This was totally a meta call. Nobody in the Seattle meta has been playing Swordsman. I freely admit this is a weakness, but an unlikely one to run into (at least for my area).

LLDS - Could be cool (using it in my Exile Dog deck) but never thought I'd get a ton of mileage out of it here... plus I don't know what I'd cut for it.

3x Public Sympathy - I had cut it down two copies, but I was running into issues with burst draw and having to chuck too many cards because a PS didn't show up.

Deus X - A great card and after my last match up against PE, probably really needed. :)

20 Nov 2014 omegalife2002

@moistloaf LOL, it doesn't work when you think about it. :)

When you have your rig out and then Levy, the timing means that you create a point when you have 0 cards in hand, and then you trash your rig. Yeah, I had it in the deck for a second, but took it out once another player pointed it out to me. :)

23 Nov 2014 Dothanite

I stangely feel like this needs more Theophilius Bagbiter and a Professional Contacts......

23 Nov 2014 pastorn

@Online Playing Bagbiter is a huge influence hit! He's 4 inf in himself and 4-6 more for 2-3 Hostage. And if you're running Hostage you want to switch more stuff around to add more connections and then a lot of the synnergies goes missing (SMC for Origami etc.)

12 Dec 2014 lolpaca

Love this! I'd probably go for a couple of Plascretes over the Armitages, as you can drop 'em as needed or, as you say, hang onto them and they become MU. Even though you've got good damage protection from the sheer number of cards you're holding, I'd still be worried about my rig getting trashed.