Street Fighter

GreatGreedyGuts 434

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." -Muhammad Ali

Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist feels to be second only to Andy in terms of versatility. While she doesn't have the same strong start, her ability puts pressure on each Corp in a different way. Against FA decks that tend to be porous, her ability makes them moreso -- spending the full turn to score opens them up to other plays. Glacier decks have random accesses (or scoring) become slight setbacks. PE finds that its many 1-point agendas become a potential liability as much as anything else.

The harder matchup, I'd say, is Glacier, because those decks tend to be the ones that are most comfortable sitting back and waiting. To that end, in designing our deck, we focused mostly on hammering Glacier builds -- Leela's ability alone should do plenty against other archetypes.

The general plan is to get in as soon as you can and take advantage of Leela's power to make the corp broke. While leaving something unrezzed to take advantage of is nice, don't worry too much about that. Forcing the corp to rez defenses before they want to or are able to afford it is a great means of denial -- and Inside Job, Sneakdoor Beta, and Emergency Shutdown make their protection not unstoppable. And when you do get to use Leela's ability, it takes time and money to put ice back where it was.

Logos is an obvious choice, especially locally where Deadcoats' non-tag meat damage is a thing to deal with. A six card handsize is nice, and getting another benefit from the corp's scoring is pretty valuable, too.

Breach might seem like a weird backup to Corroder, but it really isn't. It's good enough to get in to the central servers, and puts in work against Blue Sun (where Curtain Wall is an issue). Breaking Curtain Wall on the cheap, Hadrian's Wall about equivalent to corroder, and Eli 1.0 equal to it? Yeah, that's useful, and it saves some influence.

That savings lets you run Torch. Getting the money to play it isn't hard, and it shreds most code gates on the cheap. Excellent way of handling Lotus Field or even Tollbooth.

HQ Interface joins Legwork for multiaccess, and I'm quite happy with it. Repeated accesses are a thing with Leela, even against Glacier decks, and it makes Sneakdoor all the more useful -- HQ multiaccess is VERY important, because if they have a hand full of agendas and unrezzed cards... you don't get to choose NOT to return cards to their hand in between each steal.

Indexing does similarly work supporting R&D Interface, letting an opening turn into something fairly devastating for the corp without notice, while letting routine accesses do their work against decks that are harder to R&D lock.

Economy is obviously important with so many big things to pay for. Bank Job is limited in the decks it works well against, but when it works, it's great. When it doesn't, it's not a massive loss -- Sure Gamble and Easy Mark provide excellent bursts, and even through many glaciers (though not all) an Account Siphon or two can do a great deal. When all else fails, Kati Jones puts in a great deal of work. Even if you're tagged, use her as a way of getting 3 credits every other turn until they spend the time and money trashing her or you're tag-free. Crash Space is there to make that less of a burden, and if I was to cut anything, it'd be to add that.

I feel like, after writing all of this, that it isn't that strange a deck. Mr. Li to draw with, Same Old Thing to recur the more useful events, temporary breakers in the form of Cerberus "Rex" H2 and Faerie to last until you can afford the big ones. No muss, no fuss, no strange tricks.

Just keep yourself as light and floaty as possible until you crash your cyber-fist into the corp's jaw like a cannonball.

20 Nov 2014 Myriad

Had the chance to test this deck out at my game night. I really enjoyed it! I played against a lot of Blue Sun and I was able to leverage some pretty amazing opening turns.

Personal highlight was cracking an oversighted curtain wall and account siphoning my opponent on turn 1. Kind of a won the lottery type game, but man is Leela brutal in the early game!

I love Logos with Leela and I really like the efforts you took to make this deck stand against glacier. I think its the right call right now as glacier and pe is going to be a bit more common for a while.

Personally, I will probably try testing something other than Easy Marks and Parasite in my deck. Of the four games I played, I used Parasite once. Easy mark was nice to get me up off my back when I was at 0 creds, but I also clicked a lot for creds. Might try Armitage.

Great deck. How has it been for you?

20 Nov 2014 GreatGreedyGuts

Yeah, I have Parasite in there almost entirely to deal with RP (stupid Komainu & Tsurugi), but some poor luck (read: massive math error) is making my consider a Clone Chip or something else. Not sure what. I was tempted by Feedback Filter + a Shard, but I think the deck's solid enough against PE that FF isn't needed, and while I can see situations where the Shards'd be useful... I'm just not all-in on them. If you do swap it out, I'd be curious to know where the influence ends up!

I might give Armitage a try in conjunction with the Easy Marks as a one-of or something. I like having the cheap, quick, burst econ of Easy Mark, but if I find Armitage more reliable I might jump over to it instead. Slower, but digs out a lot more cash, which is pretty much always useful.

It's been pretty good to me! The closest I've come before to really playing criminal is my Rincewind Whizzard deck, so there're a lot of basics I feel like I'm lacking -- just sequencing issues, knowing when to use Special Order, and so on. That's caused me a bit of trouble here and there, but I've been having a tremendous amount of fun with it all the same, and I'm confident that as I get to understand playing Criminal better things'll pick up.

I've had similar moments to the one you describe -- getting into R&D to snag something and bouncing their advanced agenda to snag it from HQ with Sneakdoor. Similar fun stuff.

Glad to hear it's been working out well for you! I hope it continues well.