Long Live Crypsis

Cemehiden 81

Swordsman a problem? Bishop and a parasite fixes it. Then hope you have dejavu to place both Crypsis and the parasite you just used back in hand.

26 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

This deck will work REALLY well until FFG releases a card that not only can't be broken by AI breakers, but also trashes them.

I bet they'll even make it do 1 net damage, just to be sure it's not totally worthless.

Might be cheap to rez to, somewhere in the 3 neighborhood.

26 Dec 2013 Str8_Jacket

Just tell him to add Mimic.

26 Dec 2013 Cemehiden

Why would I need Mimic in this deck?

26 Dec 2013 Cemehiden

Thanks x3r0h0ur.

26 Dec 2013 Cemehiden

Swordsman isnt in my current meta.

27 Dec 2013 Axel

Three Deep Red for only six cards? And only one breaker?