Strongest Together 1.1

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Use Chimera to force the runner to play their breakers. Get rich while this is happening and start scoring.

With Targeted Marketing name whatever card the runner will need to get their breakers out and let Chimera do its' thing.

23 Nov 2014 pastorn

So yesterdays tournament... I finished 4th of 11 participants. LOTS of "Mac" players (including myself with this fukkin awesome deck).

The tournament

So my first two games both went to time, but I was winning them and there were no chance that my opponents could have won them had they been played through.

  1. Reina Roja without Account Siphons (a big weakness if I don't get Chimera). Scored a Beta Test and hit FUCKIN GOOOOOOOOOLD!! Heimdall 1.0, Ichi 1.0 and Viktor 1.0. That's 16 credits worth. And another 7 for install costs. Holy shitballz that was nice. I started screaming a lot when this happened and most people around us started watching what was going on :)

  2. Against the recent worlds best Mac deck but played by a player who had only played the deck in the round before and it was his first tournament. I managed to score Chronos Project, removing Deus X, Parasite (Chimeras bane) and lots of more stuff he needed. Felt pretty great.

This also beat the guy who ended up winning the tournament (his decks to appear on and it was his only loss. He made a final run on my scoring remote. It consisted of this:

Had he made an Atman install on 6 mid-run he might have afforded the Ash trace and won, but he clicked the first Viktor 2.0 and after the trace I had 5 credits, leading me to win next turn. The most significant thing that made it possible for me to win this matchup was me using Melange Mining Corp. maybe 6-8 times during the game.

My last game was against Gabriel with anarch breakers. Pretty funny see him install his Yog.0 and running on my rezzed Viktor 1.0 on his last click (missing that I was using Stronger Together). He beat my in less than 10 minutes. His HQ credits gave him the edge he needed that Andromeda doesn't have. This deck can beat Andy pretty consistently, but this match was brutal. As a side note, me as a runner against his Blue Sun ended with me hitting a Snare! on click #3 during turn 2. On click #4 I had 0 credits, 1 card in my hand and a tag :(

Thoughts on future changes

Change the economy around a bit. Melange Mining Corp. is ridicously good. This will be the changes my next take on this:

Taking out Green Level Clearance is pretty bad, but with 3x Archived Memories to get needed economy back I could be ok. My guess is that Gila Hands Arcology will be great for this deck.

25 Nov 2014 Siegl

Opponent of the last round here; with my Gabe deck and Blue Sun deck. Oh god, that Yog.0 play! :D In my defense I had gone up at 6.30 AM and drove almost 3h to the event, and after four rounds of playing I wasn't at my best :P But I guess it was mostly because "who plays ST?!"

Anyway, yeah this matchup was pretty brutal; with Parasites for Tsurugi, Emergency Shutdowns and trashing all assets in HQ or R&D I could keep you under like 6 credits all the time.

I'm not sure that ditching Green Level Clearance is the right thing to do though, at least not for the Gabe matchup. You need to be able to get back to enough credits for a Hedge Fund and Adonis Campaign rezzes quite fast, GLC>Hedge kept you in the game for some more turns.

25 Nov 2014 pastorn