Radical Gimmick (inspired by "One Weird Trick")

benticurus 1676

My radical version of @easong 's "One Weird Trick" deck that takes into consideration @Xenoman 's suggestions on the comments to the deck.

Those versions retain some dignity by having some icebreakers. My version simply goes straight for the gimmick and hopes for the best. Of course, this is a one time thing, because once the Corp recognizes you have no breakers, then the game is over; but if they try to play it a bit safe, then it might give you time to set up the combo.

There is a clear explanation of how to use it at the OP ( http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/10210/one-weird-trick ).

The main difference with this deck is to use False Echo (@Xenoman 's idea), in order to avoid having to use up extra Clicks on Same Old Thing for Black Mail. With this deck you just:

(1) Black Mail once and bounce all the ice on R&D back to the hand (since the corp can't rezz, they are forced to bounce).

(2) Then you are free to run without obstruction for the rest of the clicks in that turn.

In the best of cases, when mass installing all three Mediums in the same turn, you'll end up with 5 clicks for runs into the deck: 3 clicks left over after mass installing Mediums, one click from Rachel, and one click form Joshua.

I've only tested it against my self, and it seems hilarious.