Cracking Down!

Zeromus 3051

This is the initial version I designed and played at The Local Meta tournament on 11/23/14.

There are probably many improvements that can be made to the deck, but it worked surprisingly well. You want to get Docklands Crackdown out as fast as possible. You need to make sure it stays protected while you are cracking down. Generally you want an ETR ice covered by a Destroyer. Putting a token on DC every turn really puts the pressure on the runner and they will make mistakes.

Early on, use Jackson to shuffle your agenda build up back into R&D. While you are cracking down, slowly build up your economy and second server for scoring. If they finally manage to trash your DC, you can either use that server for scoring or if you have scored a Mandatory Upgrades or Efficiency Committee you can install a new DC and ramp it up very quickly.

The agenda mix could be completely changed to taste, but I found NAPD really great (of course). The more they spend on that or trashing your assets, the less they have to install Professional Contacts for 9.

I usually stopped cracking down at 5 power counters, 6 versus Kate.

24 Nov 2014 bblum

I always thought docklands crackdown was a complete joke of a card, until the other day on octgn when I got obliterated by it out of RP.

How well did the deck do? What are its good and bad matchups?

24 Nov 2014 Zeromus

The deck went 3/1. My loss I let a Kate sneak in to trash it with a Test Run Femme Fatale. Could have done better on ice positioning.

Shaper is probably the toughest matchup, as they have a few cards that can bypass the Docklands Crackdown effect. (Test Run, Personal Workshop) But it still slows them down a lot too!

25 Nov 2014 Two_EG

Love it..but I don't think you can win the Ash trace with this economy...

25 Nov 2014 Two_EG

Oh, nevermind. If you crack downed 5 times, the runner must have spent about 1+2+3+4+5... total 15 credit. Well at least they must have gone bankrupt, too!

27 Nov 2014 Gilbod

Wouldn't Grim up the cost of NAPD pretty significantly?

27 Nov 2014 Zeromus

Sure, but if they have no breakers then I can score an over advanced NAPD in a protected server. If I can score a Mandatory Upgrades...

29 Nov 2014 Myriad

I have played this deck now about a dozen times. I have had the following problems with it.

  1. I tend to get stuffed early game. The economy is kind of durdely, as I struggle to get everything in place to effectively stop the runner. If I can keep them at bay, this deck gains a lot of traction really fast, which is nice. I think this can be alleviated with more economy. Adonis or Pads might be worthwhile.

  2. I have never been able to score mandatory upgrades. Not even close. Without including Mushin, Shipment from San San or some other shenanigans, I really think this deck would struggle to get it scored early (which is usually when you NEED it).

With that said. Docklands does some serious work, especially if you nail them with a Willow, Grim or Ichi. I think I might try a Mushin angle with Aggressive Secretaries, rather than power shutdown. It also lets you use your scored Efficiency Committees to build an instant server with a triple advanced card mid to late game.

Anyway, thanks for trying Docklands. I really want to find a build to make it shine.

29 Nov 2014 Gilbod

I wonder if the new Shell Corporation could help with the Aggressive Secretary angle? Or is that to taxing on Clicks along with Crackdown?

29 Nov 2014 Gilbod

Conversely... why not do away with Mandatory Upgrades and go for the Bifrost Arrays? Just power up those Efficiency Committees and click away!

29 Nov 2014 Myriad

My build used Shell Corp. It was 50/50. I often found myself unable to click up my docklands though if I wanted to use Shell Corp. Ideally, you would be able to use both, but I was rarely able to as it was a high priority target and it means you won't be getting the economy you need until later anyway (something that this deck already kind of does).

I think Mandatory could work. Maybe out of a Mushin-No-Upgrades style deck.

29 Nov 2014 Two_EG

How about Elizabeth Mills? To get rid of those Personal Workshop!

3 Dec 2014 Zeromus

Yes, econ is pretty tight in this deck. If they trash all of your Eves before they get going, you will have a rougher time. I'm not sure I would use Adonis, though. He is too easy to trash.

Like it said, agenda mix could be anything you enjoy. I love Mandatory Upgrades and score it all the time. Perhaps you aren't aggressive enough with it? With the way the deck plays, people often fear a Secretary.

I think Shell Corp would be hard to use with this deck. I like being able to spend 2 clicks on Docklands, then use the other click to either play an event or get my ID credit. That's why I think Eve is so good.

3 Dec 2014 Myriad

I went with PADs and Eves for a constant, clickless economy that is a pain in the butt to deal with if you aren't Whizzard. You already are running triplicate power shutdown to punish security testing. Been pretty happy with it so far.

As I have shifted my emphasis towards Mushin No-Shin, it can really create some interesting choices and helps with economy and scoring out those mandatory upgrades or 3 pointers. It also makes Haas-Archology AI playable! It has become my version of a Ronin as 1 with 3 or 4 counters on it allows me to score pretty much anything out of hand or it allows me to charge a crackdown up 3 counters in one turn.

To compensate I run less ICE. Between 13 or 14 pieces. The tax from this deck comes from the reinstallations of icebreakers and the crackdown effect. For this reason, I think asset economy and NAPD is the right decision.

I will provide my decklist after I have had more time with it. Dig the ideas.

3 Dec 2014 hi_impact

Myriad, Haas Arcology can only be used once a turn.

4 Dec 2014 instinctive

This is a cool deck. Criminals give me trouble though, can't protect DCD and HQ fast enough. And the econ game is tough against Whizzard.

Does Mother Goddess do anything for you in this deck?

5 Dec 2014 Myriad

Criminals are one of my better match ups with this deck. Lots of assets to protect against account siphon. Power Shutdown to punish security testing and criminals typically don't have much recursion.

Its shapers and Noise that I can sometimes have a problem with, although a docklands crackdown can really hurt both.

Yep, Haas can only be used once per turn. I will definitely be dropping it from my build. The extra click is nice, but it isn't as punishing as a Ronin.

Mushin has still pulled its weight and helped me actually advance these heavy agendas out. Two clicks for an install, 3 advancement tokens and a credit is bananas.

Crackdown is something that is always a high priority target for my opponent. Its a psychology piece I think. When you are blowing up parts of their rig, are they really going to just let it sit there while you are moneying up with pads/eves? Probably not.

Econ is still a problem some games as my pads and eves are so crucial to being able to stand up at all in the game. The ice suite is great and I definitely would not drop mother goddess as long as you are running NEXT ice.