HB Custom Brutality: No Money For You!! Edition

Marksman313 109

Take all of the Runner’s money. All of it. If the runner has more than 10 credits, you’ve failed. They shouldn’t have it, they shouldn’t be able to make it, you must make them stone-cold broke.

In an age where players bemoan the lack of player interaction, particularly by the Corp, this deck seeks to, at every turn, wrench every last hard-earned credit from those dastardly hackers. With the Runner totally broke, scoring agendas behind taxing Ice or with the lovely Ash is a quite sensible affair. Likewise, forget about them trashing your assets, or indeed stealing many of your agendas, particularly if Utopia Fragment is scored! Just brutal!

Get out your taxing Ice early and set up situations in which your assets spew onto the table, both making you money, and robbing the Runner of theirs. Draw for cards such as Reversed Accounts and advance that bad boy out. “Sorry, I think you just lost 16 credits… No, I’m serious.” Snatch and Grab their Kati Jones or Professional Contacts or hit them with a tag and watch them groan in disgust as they have to pay the Universal Connectivity Fee. Aggressive Secretary to say goodbye to Magnum Opus. Install an upgrade in a server with a facedown card and ice it with an Enigma, Viper, or Heimdall. Heinlein Grid is now your best friend.

All in all, the deck is a total bastard and anyone foolish enough to try to build up a long-term economy will soon find their money whisked away like it was never really there. Have fun!

27 Nov 2014 say200426

Heinlein grid cannot synergyze with viper and enigma.

2 Dec 2014 Marksman313

@say200426 Not sure what you mean there. If you rez both the ICE and Heinlein simultaneously and they have no way to break the subs, Heinlein should trigger.

3 Dec 2014 Jaggerbyte

"I sat next to a guy playing this... I could not get custom biotics to work for me. But what I saw gave me so much hope.... He had FIVE clicks per turn..... " ~ Jaggerbyte.

9 Dec 2014 lolpaca

Congrats on winning the Run Last Click comp :)

11 Dec 2014 sruman

You probably did, but did you consider docklands crackdown? Seems to fit the theme.

9 Jan 2015 Marksman313

Thanks @lolpaca! @sruman That's not a bad idea, I might test that out in the near future! Check out my updated version here: netrunnerdb.com