ItJustGotRielle 2923

My new runner of choice, I'm currently in the "I'm going to make this work" stages of this deck. What I want the most from it is to play reactively while maintaining aggression; I'm hoping cards like Copycat, Inside Job, and Indexing will let me do that. I really wanted to design a Ken deck that would use Notoriety, Escher, and Copycat recursion, allowing me to run central-only breakers and copycat my way into remotes when needed, but before I do anything crazy I'm trying to learn to handle a more basic version of Ken using a nearly cookie-cutter build, and then as I find my own playstyle, remove 'standard' crim cards from the deck to make space for the deck the way I would like to have it played. Starting testing today- We'll see how it goes!

1 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

How goes the playtesting @ItJustGotRielle? I'm looking to maybe shift back to blue for a while (now that it's going out of fashion :) )

12 Dec 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@x3r0h0ur hah, it goes well! What I wanted more than anything was an HQ assult deck, so once I got a feel for typical Ken I put my influence on 2 Hemorrhage, a Keyhole, and a Woman in the Red Dress, idea being to look at the top card every turn, if it's econ or ice Keyhole to trash it if I don't want them to have it. Hemorrhage and Legwork is a huge comb too, but I'm struggling to find an economic engine outside Kati that works for the deck since this idea is fairly click-intensive between Hemorrhage and running constantly. Security Testing and Desperado is great compression, but I have yet to test Doppleganger yet to see if it's worth using. I imagine not since I won't always use it. The whole deck might be a little too Johnny but it's hard to say because I'm also working on an old-style FCC Exile that I've been having a lot of fun with, which I'll be taking to a tourney tomorrow.