It's about ethics in game journalism

wily-odysseus 118

I've been excited about this idea ever since Valencia was semi-spoiled. It's all about slathering the corp with bad pub (with Investigative Journalism and Qianju PT + Activist Support) to make Keyhole runs really efficient and to force them into terrible decisions from a tiny HQ with Itinerant Protesters. Vigil also works exceptionally well with the protesters, since the corp is far more likely to keep their reduced HQ maxed out. Blackmail recursion lets you nail remote servers when it counts. Raymond Flint snipes accesses from the BP and also lets you expose to ensure that the blackmail runs land. Eater does most of the heavy lifting, but there's a set of actual breakers just in case you need them.

This is, of course, a totally untested first pass at the idea.

27 Nov 2014 xWZRDx

To be honest, I feel as though this is a few too many moving pieces for not a lot of return. Giving deck space and getting out Qianju just to support Activist support isn't very efficient, considering that bc of Valencia the corp already has bad pub, so activist support won't give them anymore. If they do remove the bad pub, that's a shame, but they likely have a way to continuously remove bad pub like Elizabeth Mills, so even then it's not great.

The only place that would work is against someone running the jinteki Agenda that let's you remove bad pub...

28 Nov 2014 cranked

Yeah, I think you dump the Activist Support/Qianju combo, you don't even need it unless the Corp loses their bad pub. How would you feel about splashing in Logos in a deck like this? Seems as though you want to find combo pieces, Logos could help you do it a little faster.

29 Nov 2014 wily-odysseus

Yeah, someone on Reddit pointed out that Activist Support only matters of they cleared the initial BP, so 4 deck slots is far too much of a contingency. A single Frame Job might be a better fall-back in case they are able to clear it. We'll have to see how the meta shifts, but I'm honestly not too concerned about everyone suddenly packing BP mitigation. People will already be freaking out about viruses, and that's a lot of cards to give up as defensive measures. I can only imagine them doing so if they are already taking it on themselves, in which case I should have windows to drop those Investigative Journalisms anyway.

I love Logos generally, but Vigil is no influence and works so well with the reduced hand size, and will get me far more card draw, which is of course a big priority with Valencia's 50 card minimum.

30 Nov 2014 cranked

Yeah, I definitely hear you on Vigil, although I might bump Keyhole up to a 3-of, seeing as how I think I would want to see it every game and a 50-card deck loses a lot of consistency. Also, do you think Tallie Perrault has a place in this deck? She pulls double duty of applying bad pub and if you get SEA Source-d you can trash her to draw up and possibly prevent a death. Also she combos nicely with Raymond Flint.