SlySquids PsiSquid v1.0

SlySquid 4691

This is my take on the great Psike! (Nisei at Worlds) deck... This deck is focused a little more on econ but it's almost card for card that deck and I would highly recommend checking it out!

27 Nov 2014 Dydra

One of his " deepest understandings" about his deck, was that " In order to play Cerebral Cast properly, you have to be able to kill not only with Net Damage, but with Meat/tag punishment as well" ...

and that's how he "came up with this great deck" ...

Some people realized this 2-3-4 ago and I thought that it's so obvious, that it doesn't even need mentioning ...

If you look to me RP decks, which I have Ceberal Casts in them, you would see that I'm playing both Net and Scorches ....

27 Nov 2014 SlySquid

I'm a little lost @Dydra...

28 Nov 2014 Ber

Dydra is just a bit annoyed that he published a similar Cerebral Casts / Scorched Earth deck a while ago and nobody really paid attention, and now everyone is getting excited about this similar deck.

Dydra you just gotta chill, it happens. Plus Kevoun not only figured out the deck, but also made a really polished version of the deck, took it to Worlds and crushed with it, then wrote up a nice guide to it. He deserves the kudos.

1 Feb 2015 SlySquid

Just took a store champ with this deck!!! only lost one game and it was just a blast to play as always!!!!!

1 Feb 2015 flowerscandrink

Congrats! This deck interests me as I love Jinkteki and am a little tired of PE and RP. What happens when you run into someone with parasites and recursion? Seems like you basically will have no ice the entire game. With the cutlery seems like it would get even worse.

1 Feb 2015 SlySquid

@flowerscandrink the ice is just a speed numb and not really integral to the play of the deck... But I'm not sure it'll be good for long, I feel I built a hard counter to it with MaxX and don't think it'll be playable for very long =.( RIP fun deck!!!

10 Feb 2015 trogdor

@SlySquid so what do you think you will be using for corp now if this is out of the picture? What kind of Jinteki madness exists in your mind to combat the new generation of runners?

10 Feb 2015 SlySquid

@trogdor I'm working on a Jinteki Biotech: Life imagined deck that's looks like a lot of fun =)

25 Feb 2015 call_of_brothulhu

i'm playing a deck that took heavy inspiriation from yours atm a lot and its doing pretty well in the current meta even against maxx. some changes i made include a singleton of chronos, -3 EMP +3 Cerebral Static and -3MRF +3 PAD campaign. tons of fun. Thanks for the inspiration, your deck convinced me to finally try jinteki.