Alpha and Omega Injections

benticurus 1676

This deck is the product of trying to make a fun deck that abuses Inject, Retrieval Run, Test Run, and Scavenge. First I attempted to make the deck with Exile: Streethawk, but the deck's program density wasn't high enough (which is needed for Inject to work), and the extra draw from Exile wasn't helping; changing to Chaos Theory seemed to fix the problem and make the deck pretty consistent.

The deck is pretty straight forward to play:

(1) Get some basic economy (Magnum Opus or Armitage Codebusting)

(2) Get out an Alpha or Omega that will help abuse Retrieval Run (you want to leave the Femme Fatales for the mid-game, when servers become more than 2 ice deep).

(3) Run wherever you want! (Get Magnum Opus and R&D Interfaces).

Crypsis helps with the ice that Alpha and Omega can't touch, and it also helps if you are in a tight spot early game and need to make those first Retrieval Runs.

29 Nov 2014 benticurus

EDIT: –2 Akamatsu, –2 R&D Interface; +1 Astrolabe, +3 Maker's Eye

29 Nov 2014 benticurus

Extra details on the deck:

(1) you don't need a starting hand with all the relevant Events to combo; you can start off by just drawing 4 cards and dumping all the expensive programs that were drawn (only programs that get played out of hand should be Magnum Opus or Crypsis), and probably by this point you'll have one of the possible combos (Inject/Retrieval or TestRun/Scavenge).

(2) I've only played solitaire with this deck, but it seems to be able to easily get both Alpha & Omega out by the second turn (and also easily having a Magun Opus to back it up by the third turn).

Additional Edit: remove the last R&D Interface and add one more Diesel. So the total edit to the original deck would be:

–2 Akamatsu, –3 R&D Interface; +1 Astrolabe, +3 Maker's Eye.

29 Nov 2014 x3r0h0ur

I feel like if you kept the akas you could add collective consciousness to add exiles missing draw. And feed the draw machine. You have the mu.

29 Nov 2014 benticurus

The deck isn't short on draw; in fact, the deck runs out pretty fast. The deck is more for fun than for efficiency; half the time you just find yourself clicking MO for credits: Alpha and Omega are really expensive to use.