bblum 4218

Behold the format's new tier 1 deck.

Do you think it's a coincidence that every executive in the game fits in exactly 15 influence? I think not.

Order and chaos will bring some new executives to the table -- Mark Yale and The Board -- and will even let us play more camps in the form of Space Camp. Until then I'm playing MMC and an extra code gate in those card slots.

Get ready to trash your Aesop's, have 3 hand size, and lose to fast-advanced project atlases. Count on seeing this deck at your next GNK.

3 Dec 2014 wedgeex

I know it's a theme deck but lol@ Isabel McGuire in a Blue Sun deck.

3 Dec 2014 bblum

sometimes you need to pick up multiple cards per turn, credit refund be damned!