You Cold Bro?

Oisin 222

I've played ETF as my main corp deck since I started playing Netrunner. I originally played a Redcoats taxing deck with Bioroid Efficiencies and a bunch of 5/3 agendas. I then switched to a ToyBox deck, but found it too slow. Now I've been playing a FA deck with code gate heavy ice and a pretty big program destruction suite. I think this is the most stable and consistent version of the deck I have built.

3 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

I love the ice suite, very diverse, ready to deal with everything...andysucker, atman, and criminal in general. Shutdown might give you some heartaches, but you have tons of ice to ice archives, so maybe not. Super solid, I might sleeve it.

3 Dec 2014 Dydra

I like it. Only thing I don't like is that if this is a FA deck ( score from hand 0 remotes built) you have no way to pick up used Biotics :) I'd lower the Ice count with 2 or 3 and put in Reclamation Order/ Archived

3 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

Vitruvious aint blank!

3 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

Vitruvious aint blank!

3 Dec 2014 Two_EG

Seems Very Super Hard Solid... But what if runner starts to blow up your Eve? I don't think Hedge+Adonis is enough to keep up Biotic FA+Heavy ice suits..

3 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

Jacko can help you recur them, with this high of an ice count you can spare 1-2 for asset remotes, eventually imp will run out. If they're using dollars, you should need to rez less ice, which means you need less cash. I personally would slot in 3 GLC just to speed things up and get a few bucks, but I'm not 100% sure what I'd cut....

3 Dec 2014 Oisin

@x3r0h0ur thanks! It is pretty versatile and provides good HQ defense against criminals. Most of the ice isn't too expensive.

@Dydra That can be a problem. I try to either sneak out a 5/3 early or over score a Vitruvious to grab another Biotic. With the Ashes, it isn't impossible to get out a 5/3, especially if I land a 2 ice ABT. I used to play Archived Memories, so perhaps losing a Rototurret for one wouldn't be a bad idea.

@Two_EG Trashing Eves is a problem against Anarchs, because of Imp. But other decks generally can't afford to trash an Eve if they want to get into any central servers. I mean, even with a strong sentry breaker an Ichi will tax you for 7 credits or 3 clicks. I protect Adonis Campaigns in my scoring server. Also, I don't lay unprotected Eves against Criminal--especially if I see a Security Testing. It is better to turtle up and play slow, not giving them an open remote server. That can seriously mess up a lot of economies.

The only cards I generally fear are Kati Jones and Magnum Opus. If the runner starts banking a lot of credits, then it leaves me in a position where I can only score out of hand. That gets tough.

3 Dec 2014 Oisin

@x3r0h0ur GLC is an interesting idea, though I'm not sure what I would cut. Does it replace Hedge Fund?

Also, I'll switch up the Will o- the Wisp slot with an Aggressive Secretary. Either fits the deck's strategy pretty well.

3 Dec 2014 johncraven

@oisin you should consider playing domestic sleeper and archers, to give you more FA options.

4 Dec 2014 Oisin

@johncraven I thought about playing sleepers. But I don't want to go below 20 ice. In fact, I'd like to fit even more ice in the deck. I tend to be real aggressive with my ABT, I want them to hit as often as possible.

5 Dec 2014 mxrk

@Oisin I like how scoring an ABT saves the runner the trouble of having to install a Keyhole.

5 Dec 2014 Oisin


6 Dec 2014 Shishu

Not sure why you'd play Eden Fragment over Hades Fragment; the latter can get you back your biotics.

7 Dec 2014 Oisin

Eden is incredible in a HB deck, since I am often trying to install ice 4 slots out. This deck doesn't need the Biotics to score agendas, especially with Ash.

But a Hades might be better than the Priority Req, since there aren't too many big money ice in the deck anymore (save the Tollbooth).