The Quarry: Mining Behaviours

emlun 477

This deck started out as just a fun concept to see if I could make it work. With a current record of two wins in two games, I'm already thoroughly in love with it.

The idea is the classic Midseason Psychographics, but with a HB twist: let's score Mandatory Upgrades! It's pretty simple, really. Draw cards and gain money, put some ice up on your centrals, bury the runner in tags when you get the chance. Biotic Labor can help with sneaking out an Efficiency Committee or such if needed. Once you start rolling you can pick up a lot of momentum very quickly.

With only two games of experience, I've yet to see under what circumstances this one folds and breaks down. I look forward to finding out.

Current record

  1. W: Kate "Mac" McCaffrey
  2. W: Chaos Theory
  3. L: Kate "Mac" McCaffrey (Magnum Opus, Corroder, Gordian Blade, Garrote, Toolbox)
  4. W: Silhouette (very very close though, won only thanks to a forgotten Security Testing on Archives; -2 SfSS, +2 Jackson)
  5. W: Exile (-2 SfSS, +2 Jackson)
  6. W: The Professor (-2 SfSS, +2 Jackson)
4 Dec 2014 lostgrail

Really interesting idea, I'm going to take this out for a spin.

4 Dec 2014 Ber

I really like how 3x Domestic Sleepers interacts with Midseasons.

It's another scenario apart from Jinteki PE where 'you must steal an agenda on access' is gonna make the runner cry.

4 Dec 2014 darwindeez

Looks like fun! I second @Ber's comment about Domestic Sleepers. Wouldn't more asset econ help with the credit differential needed for Midseasons? Some Eve Campaigns or PADs? NEH is great for this having both Marked, and SanSan. Plus PAD. And it helps you draw. But this looks really cool.

4 Dec 2014 Ber

Have you considered whether Efficiency Committee + Shipment from SanSan is worth it? Maybe its easier to replace them with another Project Vitruvius and ABT that can be scored from hand after a Mandatory Upgrades is scored?

Also, this deck is horrifically susceptible to Atman4, I wonder if there is a good way to break that up? Perhaps -3 Rainbow, -1 Hunter, +2 Wall of Static, +2 Enigma. Still cheap to install, slightly less taxing for a standard rig, but definitely annoying to pay for and now a good spread of strengths. Or if you have some inf, add a copy of two of Shadow - that's very cheap to rez usually and quite taxing to deal with.

4 Dec 2014 emlun

@darwindeezI'd love some Eve Campaigns in here, but I don't have enough ice to run them comfortably. That coupled with how I want a lot of money very fast, to trigger Midseasons as early as possible, made me go with burst economy (Adonis is kind-of burst econ too) instead. And yeah, NEH is great for horizontal builds, but NEH doesn't have Mandatory Upgrades. ;)

@Ber oh yeah, I forgot about Atman! I even encountered Atman4 in the second game, but made it through anyway since the runner stayed poor for most of the game. But that's definitely an issue worth looking into.

I don't think I've thought much of whether it's worth it, no. I have used the neat interaction between Eff.Comm. and Domestic Sleepers to nail down a win, but going with blank ABTs instead is definitely an option. I've also considered replacing a Psychographics with a third Midseasons, in which case one Shipment or Popup would have to go.

4 Dec 2014 Bananifier

Project Ares is also very fun with psychographics. Just sayin'

4 Dec 2014 emlun

@Bananifier I never thought about that, that's true! Interesting.

15 Jan 2015 Friff14

Have you played with this deck since? I'm curious how it's going. I've been meaning to try it and haven't really had time.

15 Jan 2015 emlun

@Friff14 not much since early-mid December, because exams and christmas. Haven't found much time for Netrunner, but the last few times I went to play I brought this one. All games outcomes are recorded in the description. (Note that this was all before Lunar 5 hit Swedish stores, I think).