SlySquids "Mother F****** Deck" v1.0

SlySquid 4667

"F*** it, I'm going faster!" ~ SlySquid

This is MaxX kicked up to 11, it pressures every server as fast and as painful as posable and is looking to do almost twice the clicks worth of s*** any sane runner would feel comfortable doing...

I think that this is the consistency that anarchs have been looking for, with your archives acting like a "sideboard" you are burning threw your deck and getting FLOODED with options!

A few things I found in testing, first WANTON DISTRUCTION IS MVP! I knew it was good, but my god it's three times better than I had thought it would be... Second would be my console, I started with two Spinel Modem but found I never wanted to play it so I took them out for Desperado and a chip because I just want to play what I get for the mem and I think that's the best option (let me know if I missed something or you feel something would work better, maybe two Deep Reds... Meh) Lastly would be the breakers, after hearing all the great ideas everyone had about my "StimCells" deck I revisited a few cards to shore up a few weakness that the old deck had, and that was accessing cards in archives protected by Lotus Field, I tried Gordian Blade at first but then after testing I never wanted to play it, so I felt Knight would do the same thing but also make me more aggressive at the start and get me the accesses I wasn't able to get in remotes...

Over all the deck has won before turn 8 every match but one and is hands down the best runner deck I've ever played! The level of control, aggression and consistency is second to none... Get ready everyone MaxX is the deck to beat IMO "Some say sims are bad and you should stay in school and study your Vids, I say jacking in all jacked up kicks the tits out of math cast" -MaxX

4 Dec 2014 paddosan

Yeah, Wanton Destruction is nuts.

I've been trying it, and personally I think it's way better than Account Siphon. What use is money when you got nothing to spend it on?

4 Dec 2014 Dydra

Where exactly have you played it? The cards are not out yet... and against what?

If you proxyied, did your opponents have a strong deck with the new cards as well, or?

4 Dec 2014 Dydra

Also how do you "win" with no Plascrete Carapace and suffering so much brain damage (no way to mitigate it) against damage decks?

Some Jinteki net damage deck, or Weyland Scorch and recursion ( which you can think that Scorch will be the most played card after the Expansion ... again) would wreck this

4 Dec 2014 Labbes

I think if you face a damage deck, you just don't use Amped Up if it puts you in a precarious position.

4 Dec 2014 Dydra

You also don't use the 3x Joshua B. so you don't die to double scorch or scorch , archived, scorch ??!

Great ... that's 6 rather useless cards against something that would be in 80% of the decks when those cards come out ...

Shall we continue?

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Lol @Dydra you still sound butt hurt about the PsiSquid deck... And like @Labbes pointed out I can just not use the Amped Ups, and to answer your first few questions, yes I proxied, yes he's a great player and he was also using cards up to and including O&C... It was a Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future deck with sea/scorch and yes I used Joshua B. every time I got it because I held five cards and Steelskin... It honestly sound like you hate'n just to hate lol At the end of the day I love this deck and welcome critasisum but your not being constructive, if you don't like me, don't read my decks lol it's that simple... Sorry if I'm misreading your tone, but I think you have something against me... If you like to talk further you can PM me on our FB page

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Right @paddosan!? It's a fucking start!!!

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

To elaborate on my "scorch protection" 3 out of 4 games I pulled off Wanton Destructions for four cards, that compounded with your econ hurting from Account Siphon add to a huge leverage over "Tag and Bag" decks but the real star is Steelskin that card is fucking legit!!!!

4 Dec 2014 jage

@Dydra Haters gonna hate, ain'ters gonna ain't

4 Dec 2014 jage

@SlySquid Just reading Steelskin makes my Weyland heart cry. Much better than plascrete IMO. It will change the Weyland game.

4 Dec 2014 Sarmatian

If you are not married to Desperado, why not run Box-E? If the main benefit you are looking for is mem, it is less influence and gives you hand size to mitigate the brain damage a bit. Let me know what you think.

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Well played @Sarmatian!!! That is a fucking great idea!!!!!!!!!

4 Dec 2014 Dreamkil

Very interesting,, I am going to need to try it out.

4 Dec 2014 DrunkenGineer

@SlySquid This is not MaxX kicked up to 11. MaxX kicked up to 11 is Maxx with Duggar's. (semi-joking)

That said, this deck looks pretty awesome. Some crazy stuff is in O&C and it'll take people thinking outside the box like this to make it reach its full potential.

4 Dec 2014 jage

I want rachel beckman in here, but the cost is huge. And you would replace Joshua B.

4 Dec 2014 PaxCecilia

I wouldn't get too worked up about Dydra. His decklists are directly from the mouth of God and everyone else's are unoriginal garbage :)

Seems like an awesome deck, but I can't get over her identity ability. I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable playing a deck that purposefully put so much into the heap without literally all of the Shaper tricks to get them back out.

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@Dreamkil I hope you have as much fun with it as I do, please keep me posted on how your games go! =)

Lmao!`@DrunkenGineer, you're right Duggar's is the 11 on that dial and thanks for the kind words...

@jage Rachel Beckman would be TITS, but I think your right it's a little costly...

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@PaxCecilia I think it's a joke the way @Dydra Is acting, I'm simply keeping people up to date with what I'm playing and testing and giving my opinion on the jazz I like, if he wants to hate on me or my decks that's cool, at the end of the day I'm still having fun with this game and community not shitting on it all...

But you are right, MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock is a difficult hurtle to jump because it is a very anachest way to do things but she is a lot of fun and I'm sure at one point in time you'll have the pleasure to play against her and have a memorable game! Thanks again and Cheers!

4 Dec 2014 PaxCecilia

I can't imagine how to play this deck, so I don't know if you are relying on Retrieval + LARLA to get things back out... Have you tested at all against a deck with some Chronos Project? Is it a big impact, or do you just not give a shit about the stuff in heap unless you can capitalize on it rtfn?

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

That's the plan @PaxCecilia, but in all honesty the 4 games I played ended so fast I didn't need to recur anything aside from an event or two and a Keyhole that I Déjà Vud for, it is insane how fast the games were, 4 in under an hour...

I haven't played it against all types of decks but a Jinteki: Personal Evolution deck running Chronos Project scares me but I truly feel that I get to many cards too fast for it to slow me down, but if they snipe the Levy AR Lab Access out of game I would start to sweat lmao...

I'm going to be playing this deck exclusively for the foreseeable future and commenting back here how each match up stacks up, as I hope everyone who tests it will do too...

Long story short is I don't have all the answers yet lol but I look forward to figuring them out for all of us =)

I love your insight and thank you for the thought provoking questions =) xo

4 Dec 2014 Diegofsv

I love MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock...its the best anarch ID ever. Damn, I just want Order and Chaos so bad. Awesome deck mate.

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Lol thanks @Diegofsv... I couldn't wait either, so I proxy play that shit, get on it lmao!

4 Dec 2014 Exo

I REALY REALY like your deck list. There is many cards I thought that is a little out of the box and I wanted to try with her and you use them!! I am talking about Quest Completed, Singularity and Hades Shard. WOW. First Anarch deck I am going to try when I get the box :D

4 Dec 2014 Diegofsv

I would probably change Desperado for Box-E like said, and would remove Quest Completed too. Singularity is already an awesome answer to remotes and more in line with "destroy everything" that this deck do awesomely well.

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Wow @Exo, I'm glad you got as excited that those sweet fucking cards have a place again like I did! I almost made my friend flip the table when I Quest Completed for the win lmao... It all just works so well with Eater!!! I'm glad you like and PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED ON HOW GAMES GO =)

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Wow @Exo, I'm glad you got as excited that those sweet fucking cards have a place again like I did! I almost made my friend flip the table when I Quest Completed for the win lmao... It all just works so well with Eater!!! I'm glad you like and PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED ON HOW GAMES GO =)

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@Diegofsv I really wouldn't take out the Quest Completed's because they FUCK OVER Caprice Nisei hard, and I feel that with singularity alone you'll have a hard game against RP, trust me, it's my thing ;)

But again it's apples and bananas with the consoles, both are great IMO and I'll def be testing both now that you helped =)

4 Dec 2014 Diegofsv

Damn, you are right about FUCKING Caprice Nisei

4 Dec 2014 SlySquid

It also snipes Shell Corporation which I have a feeling will be HUGE! Primarily because it's CRAZY GOOD! I had two on a triple advanced Cerebral Overwriter gaining FAT STACKS, it was bonkers but this shuts it down np because I don't want to waist Singularity's on shit I know is a trap... I want it for shit I think MAY be a trap lol

4 Dec 2014 Snake Eyes

Looking good, the little tweaks you've been making have definitely been refining this deck more and more.

I'm going to agree with some of the other guys about Box-E over Desperado here. Using that would let you take out a Dyson Mem Chip for 2x Box-E, and still have 1x influence leftover. I think the last influence would be best served by Femme Fatale, since it's great against expensive ICE or Tollbooths or whatever - and a great target for Retrieval Runs, and will give you a little more breathing run if you hit a Swordsman (which judging from all the Eater decks that I've seen posted since O&C came out, I think will enjoy a temporary little surge in popularity)

4 Dec 2014 Snake Eyes
  • breathing room
4 Dec 2014 bcavalier

I'm looking forward to playing this ... doing with the Box-E Idea though.

4 Dec 2014 4dd150n

I love the creativity of this deck but I haaate quick games. What have you unleashed on us, @SlySquid!?

4 Dec 2014 Exo

@SlySquid for sure!

4 Dec 2014 Exo

Singularity: I think Shell corporation is going to be a thing too. Any corporation that play a horizontal game which is more and more commun, will want it. The credit output is very strong for a single card and there is pretty much only singularity that can counter it when it's over a trap. It also have other purposes like getting rid of a heavy upgrade server, lets say with Ash/Caprice. That been said I could be wrong here because sometimes the meta change very slowly because many people just play the same stuff all the time. Criminal(99% Andy) and NBN is all over the place from a very long time and most people are just like that, they like their confort zone.

Desperado: The first thing I thought too, like the other guys was going with Box-E instead to save me from the brain damage handicap but after thinking more and more about it, this isn't that much of a big deal for her because she have a free draw at the start of each turn and you'll use a lot of your cards because she is mainly using Event. Plus I don't think she is meant to be played more safely. When you're playing Maxx, you should be like: F*** it, I am going all in.

Quest complete: can be very strong and, with Eater you'll be assaulting the central for the biggest part of the game and if they manage to survive until the late game, you'll be very happy to have that cards.

Hades Shard: It just fit so much with Maxx too. The corp know if she get match-up against Maxx, this is going to a early hell game for her. This is where Jackson Howard can been very useful to make sure to buy times and get the game longer. And now that there is Wanton Destruction on the Anarch side, Jackson Howard is going to be used even faster against Anarch I think. Yes Hades Shard is unique but you have a inner draw power with Maxx and 3x Steelskin, this is enough to have a reasonable chance to get it in time.

But Maxx why are you having more tools(refering to the 47 cards) that the minimum you need?

Because I don't give a sh** about it -Maxx.

4 Dec 2014 coy0te1467

But if you free up the two influence what to swap out / swap in?

4 Dec 2014 juliandark

I am really in favor of double Box-E (because while steelskin is nice scorched protection, you still need to have 5 cards in hand for it to work with a single and that makes Amped Up way too risky to use in my opinion) and spend the remaining influence on Utopia Shard or Femme perhaps.

I only really miss Hemorrhage in there.

5 Dec 2014 rantOclock

I cannot wait for O&C to come out, it's terrifying what Anarchs can do when they no longer have to go out of faction just to find some decent card draw and economy. Even better when the card draw comes built in to the ID.

With MaxX's ability you're able to get away with 47 cards, how high do you think you could push the deck size before you begin to lose consistency?

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

WOW! I go to sleep and wake up to loads of great coments... =D Normally I'd love to respond to each indaviduly but I think that would take an hour or so lmao so I'm going to touch on a few points that I love and have moved into the v1.1 of the deck which it's up now...

@Sarmatian started the Box-E train and hit the nail on the head! What a fantastic solution to three problems, all of which include memory, hand sizes and redundancy so I've taken that also into my v1.1.

Jumping on questions about extra influince was @Snake Eyes And suggesting Femme Fatale, and being one of my favorit breakers it was a no brainer to replace Mimic with!

I hope that all the likes and love can be transferred to the new deck and we can unleash I the would what we have made!!!

Thanks again everyone for constructively adding to the conversation and for all the great feels y'all gave me =D

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

I got asked "how much do I serisly plan on using Singularity", and honestly I haven't come into many situations that I've needed it but that's the beautiful thing about having two copy's of a card in a MaxX deck, if you need it you know how to get it and Déjà Vu is like a super tutor =)

But I did come into one time that my friend was trying to leverage the fact that I was only using Eater to play run events and started to try and score out in a remote, I had Singularity and Quest Completed in my hand and because his centrals were so easy to get into I chose to get all the accesses with then Quest Completed for the agenda BUT if the roles were reversed and he had a deck like Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within that locks up the centrals ASAP I would have been all over the Singularity....

And I'm also going off a prediction that Shell Corporation and Self-destruct are huge threts when combined with traps, most notably Cerebral Overwriter and anytime I see that I'm going to be glad I have a card that can blow the fuck out of servers in my toolbag =)

But the main thing is that because you're pitching twice as many cards as your drawing it makes like a "sideboard" of cards you can access IF AND WHEN you need them, that's what makes Shapers so powerful, having the edge case tools accessible if and when you need them... That and it's a fucking cool card lol

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@Exo the 47 card count is high because after your opening hand you have 14 turns (excluding Levy AR Lab Access) befor you deck yourself...

5 Dec 2014 Dydra

@SlySquid what am I hurt about u puny man?

Obviously when someone decide of instead trolling/goofing around with your silly decks, to ask you a real constructive question - you can't answer and you simply reply " you are butthurt" ??

That's pretty pathetic, coming from a person who participate in youtube A:NR channel ... Not only your Jinteki decks were weak (while I was watching your vids), but now you can't respond properly as well... I honestly feel sorry for you.

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Lol ok... Wait what? Puny man!? LMAO

I seem to have made you slightly more butt hurt @Dydra, again sorry if I called it wrong to start but I'm getting the vib from the folks around here that your a bit of a dick normally...

Meh, too each they're own, hate on mister man... Hate on

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

But to be honest for a second @Dydra, I really don't feel this is a janky deck, it's prob on of the strongest out I feel... I've played a lot...

5 Dec 2014 4dd150n

Ukraine is not weak!

5 Dec 2014 rantOclock

@Dydra I think you need to take a deep breath and look at your own posts and how @SlySquid responded to them and then look at the posts of others and how he responded to them. Think honestly, what about your comments were actually constructive? Why would Sly react so differently to your comments compared to others.

Whether you realise it or not you are building a reputation for your self on NetrunnerDB as someone who is consistently rude and aggressive in their comments and it really stands out among the community because that's an attitude most ANR players don't have time for. It's a shame too because you have made some truly great decks and I bet if you just took the time to calm down and think about what exactly it is you're saying, why you're saying it and what effect it will have on those that read it before posting, people would be more likely to listen to your suggestions.

Either you can react to this in one of two ways.

You can decide that Sly, I and others who have called you out on this behaviour are wrong, maybe we're jealous of your skills, or maybe we don't understand your genius, or maybe there's some vast conspiracy against you. If you decide to continue this behaviour I'm sure you'll find some story to justify it.

Or you can apologise and decide to start changing your behaviour by acting with the maturity your deck building skills and the ANR community deserve. Because if you don't people are just going to start disregarding anything you have to say whether there's something of worth in your comments or not, which is a real shame because when you're not being a dick I honestly think you are capable of some great insight.

I know it's not easy to be called out like this but I really hope you take some of it to heart.

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Thanks @rantOclock! Very well said...

Also I noticed that you asked a question in your previous post that I did not answer, sorry I missed it...

47 really is the magic number, from a very early time in my gaming life I knew the devastation of smaller decks, me and my friends for a while only played 40 card Magic: The Gathering decks and it was just nasty... We had to stop...

With MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock u need to be drawing cards that get the joke done and reward your early game, and at 47 cards it's like 14 turns of concentrated evil!

That's again for the love and great question! U rock my socks!!!

6 Dec 2014 Sarmatian

@Addison that is awesome.

6 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@Addison I don't get the reference, lol I'm lame...

6 Dec 2014 4dd150n

@SlySquid Seinfeld. I am lamer.

6 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Lol @Addison no sir, your cool beans!

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Dec 07, 2014 SlySquid So I'm excited to say I had a few more games with the "Mother F****** Deck" v1.1 and I won all my games, a bit of a disclaimer that the decks were not using cards from O&C but they were all Jinteki so it's no real change IMO...

First was against my good friend Trent who some of you my know as TPSVIPER from OCTGN, and he was playing Nisei Division: The Next Generation... It was a longer game but from the word go I was in control, between the Account Siphon and Keyhole I managed to grind threw to a win, we all agreed that had I not have muddled around afraid to just play with balls I could have had the win earlier... It was also the first time I used Levy AR Lab Access and it was a fantastic card letting me extend my game for a fair amount of turns... The singularities played a major part in this game because in desperation he was Mushin No Shining out cards like a mad man hoping to land something, but turn after turn I was able to remove all the remotes and focus on controlling HQ...

Second was against Glitch and he had a modified Worlds Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within deck that tried hard to shut me out with Caprice Nisei over HQ, and let me tell it it was a pain, but unfortunately you can only have one working at a time and Keyhole made short work of this beastly deck, I can say that I honestly didn't feel as "in control" of the game that I had against other decks like fast advance or trick/trap decks, so it was fun to feel like it was anyone's game...

Lastly I played Trent again who switched to PE and it was a blood bath!!! Steelskin is such a unique card in that you can use it against runners with simple ice like Pup and jazz. I had Keyhole the Scorched Earthearly and wasn't worried so much about it and wanted to beef up my hand, so I made a run hitting the two subs on Pup drawing 6 cards and his face went white because he knew I was going to come hard and fast again next turn...

Over all this deck gets better and better the more I play it, it's so fast and sets up in the blink of an eye, I was even keeping hands I felt were weak to see how it faired and it did not disappoint, I'm not one to brag but I think I stumbled on to something great here...