Akitaro Midori Shell Portal 0.1

holosmoss 19

This is supposed to be janky like a bear on a tricycle, do not be mistaken by the influence use lol.

The Main goal is of course to get the runner to run a server with 2-3 ices (pups and komainus and porous gates) with an unrezzed card (midori) or simply having a cell portal well placed in it while my shell corp just makes money.

So getting rich to make crazy amounts of rez on Cell portal if needed and to rez all ice if we need.

Central servers should be the homes of elis and what ever code gates arent needed.

The thing where i am most unsure though is how to score agendas.

I Figure that i should cycle them with jackson until the portal is too deadly and start advancing old school...

It has to be tryed lol.

My other option was using trick of light and an overwriter but thats way too many parts.

And I am using Harmony medtech mostly out of hubris but I think the small deck and the lower influence are kinda working for or not against the combo since all the cards we need is red and the rest is just fancy patching the week spots.

4 Dec 2014 holosmoss

Just realized that the solution to a komainu portal is to have no hand to save money for the portal hehe but pups and a well placed chum and its not fun anymore.