Trewaters 24

Pilot this rig like a stealthy bastard. Use stealth credits to power your limited icebreakers. Running HQ is the most productive type of run you can make with this deck. The virus cards gain power when there is a successful run on HQ. Econ for this deck comes from different sources. All programs must be installed on Leprechaun or Scheherazade in order to work properly. In a push the professor can install another way but that will not allow him to have a full rig at the end of the game. Workshop is for the monolith. It can be used for other cards but it is in here primarily to help the professor get out Monolith.

I haven't run this deck but I focus on a larger hand size too. I think this will be an advantage for the professor. I won't know how this helps or hurts things until I get to test it.

Alternate construction style: This deck could use a Stimhack in place of a Scheherazade.