Parasite Workshop

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Cemehiden 81

Limited to one core set. Tips and advice always welcome.

You want wyldside and workshop early. Use djinn to tutor for datasucker, medium, or nerve agent.

1 Jan 2014 Dottore2k

I think Datasucker is only twice in the core set. You could use a Wyrm in this slot (to get the parasited Ice down to stength 0)

1 Jan 2014 weepinggorilla

Some of these cards (Kati Jones) are not included in the core set.

1 Jan 2014 Cemehiden

I have the data packs just one core set.

1 Jan 2014 Dottore2k

I have some tips. I dont like Kati Jones. Drop one for Aesops Pawn Shop, you have one Influence left. The other influence you could drop 1 Clone Chip. I like the pawnshop for using no clicks. You can even use it for a almost deleted Armitage Code Busting. The other Kati I would drop for one femme fatal which allows you to bypass a big ice before parasite has eaten it up.

With the Icebreakers choice I would do * 1x Corroder * 1x Morning Star * 1x Mimic * 1x Darwin * 1x Femme Fatal (Kati Jones #2) * 1x Yog.0 * 1x Crypsis * 1x Wyrm (for Datasucker) This is worse for the consistency, but makes you more flexible.

Did you make good experience with the personal workshop? In that case you wont go without it, I guess. I suggest you test Test Run, because you can search your stack and heap for a programm. From the freed Influence you could re-install the third Clone Chip.And a Plascrete Carpace is not the worst thing.

But I like the deck :-)

1 Jan 2014 Cemehiden

Workshop and clone chips have been clutch. It allows me to set parasites mid run and destroy ice if I have the data sucker tokens or wyrm. Which I removed from this version. I found it being to expensive.

Test run would be interesting but I love those clone chips. :) Personal workshop has been great with wyldside to keep the deck moving at a tolerable pace.