Run Reina run!

Cemehiden 81

Getting ready for a store tournament. All the usual anarch toys with influence focused on card draw to speed up rig setup.

2 Jan 2014 x3r0h0ur

I definitely like your draw economy, and your program suite are perfect. I am curious to see how the draw economy impacts your setup speed. The hardware is an interesting choice, but I like it. The only change I'd try to make is 3 Deja Vu to maximize parasiting and FAO. Looks like it runs cheap and does some damage.

2 Jan 2014 Cemehiden

Spinal Modem just felt right in this deck. Play testing this weekend I'll post my results. :)

Not sure what I would drop if anything for that 3rd deja vu. Maybe just run 46 cards. I really need to break down and just buy a second core set.