Universally Blue Explosions

frost-duty 2663

Setting up Data Raven into Universal Connectivity Fee is far easier in blue sun than any other deck, and you already have the meat (from both scorched and punitive, to make sure you are always ready).

As soon as they hit the combo they generally die immediately, or at the very least open a scoring window.

8 Dec 2014 Bananifier

That's actually pretty cool! I've wanted to make Universal Connectivity Fee work since it came out, and the interaction with Blue Sun is actually really nice.

A few questions :

  • How much have you tested this deck? How did it go?

  • Are the 2x Shattered Remains necessary? Did you consider one more Melange mining corp to force them to run on a Data Raven + UCF remote?

  • Do you feel that your economy is reliable enough as-is? You do not have that much ICE in the low price range (only 2xIce Walls, the rest is 4 creds and +).

8 Dec 2014 frost-duty
  1. I have plays 6 or 7 games with it so far, it has achieved a mix of flatlines and scoring victories when the runner is simply too scared to run. Losses have largely been to early game unlucky pulls of multiple agendas. As it stands, more testing is needed to really determine which cards can be removed.

  2. I like the shattered, but so far they haven't been too useful in practice (rarely seen more than a single plascrete). I think I would like to keep them, install-advance-advance usually prompts a run, as they really don't want a 3 point Pri-Req or Cleaners to hit the table (they don't know I'm not running Pri-Req). It might be a decent change though, certainly more testing is needed.

  3. Yes. Simply because of Blue Sun nonsense of being able to rez where you need then just bring it back. Ultimately to hit the kill combo you just need more money than them - if they hit your combo they will in all likelihood end the turn with nothing... I certainly haven't felt like economy has been a problem.