Exile Fortune teller, 1st Umbra Player Tournament

federicolatini 78

This deck is one of the few where Exile perform better than Kate, this is because there are too few programs and hardwares to istall and there is a lot of retriving from the heap. The point of the deck is drawing a lot with Oracle, the drawers, astrolabe and the ID ability so all click can be spent on doing stuff, the few times you miss the Oracle foresight you feed retrieval run or a test run that let you draw a card. Economy is solid, thanks to burst and Oracle. For the deck to run smoothly you must sacrifice the early turns in order to jump direclty to late game on full rig. The ability to switch off jinteki's damage and a bit of scorched allows you to dictate how the Corp must win, by scoring agendas, wich means keeping them in hand or advance them in Remotes. This Exile doesn't run a lot, but the menace of doing it is enough to clogh the Corp deck with agendas so be prepared to timely pull your legwork. Don't be afraid to play a LARLA early, especially if you have seen all your lucky find and gambles. All in all this deck is not a fast one, games last a lot with it, but it is a good sign because it means the corp wasn't able to snatch a win early as recently too often does. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Federico

8 Dec 2014 Kroen

Exile deck. 4 programs. K.

8 Dec 2014 federicolatini

Sure I used the id ability less than average exile decks does, but maybe that's why this deck went so well, I haven't desing the deck around the Id, this was just the one that fitted the most out of every other shaper identities. And no, chaos theory wasn't fitting better...