[Stable] ORIGASM with Dogs

Dydra 2773

After I did some solid testing with this deck, I present to you the [stable] version.

I won't go into too much details but here are the things you should know:

1) This is a very advanced deck. I wouldn't recommend this to any new players and to some intermediate, if they are playing Shapers as main faction. The reason being is that it requires a lot of decision making on the spot. You have to know exactly:

  • When to draw

  • When to STOP drawing

  • When to Freelance

  • When to Install

I can not give you any guide on how to learn these, except practice :) Your decisions ( despite that you might say that in general for all runners) rely heavily on your opponents state of the board. You have to know when you have your windows to do your things and when you have to act.

2) Cards

  • Astrolabe is a great addition. It speeds up the draw process immensely against everything in the current meta ( PE , RP , NEH , Nisei at Worlds), except Blue Sun. It also gives you 1 MU flexibility which might be quite important when you are setup your rig to have the econ to drop the big boys from CyberSolutions Mem Chip (TM) later on.

  • Feedback Filter and Origami give you the entire protection you will ever need to win against Jinteki damage decks.

  • Parasite is great. Don't be afraid to Freelance it early if you need the money and/or if you have Clone Chip drawn.

  • Keyhole. Now as many of you want multi-access, in my meta Keyhole will be better than R&D access and I love the flexibility this card gives you. The fact that you can SMC it, Test Run it, or Clone chip it (after you've Freelanced it for 2c) and draw a card ... totally prefer over R&D interface

3) Why Exile?

Although I've explained this in my "Exile(d) in the dumpster" deck, when you play this type of deck you need to draw a lot. Sometimes cards won't come in the order they need to and then you might be pretty screwed when you have to single-draw for 1 or 2 turns. Exile, negates this with his ability. Believe it or not, but having that extra draw does miracles.

Furthermore, now with the addition of Astrolabe - the speed witch which you draw through your deck is insane. Exile+ Astrolabe ( + Diesel and QT obviously) is the fastest cycling I've ever played. I was honestly surprised of the speed at which I was setuping my ring and gaining money at the same time.

P.s. because this question might pop-up ... yes,if you feel uneasy against Scorch, take out 1x Test Run and put a 1x Plascreete and you are good to go =)

P.s.s. The only card that I don't like in this deck is SMC. However, that's a card that I have never liked. Sadly, it's a necessary evil ( so to speak), because it gives you speed. Having one dropped down early game while having money ( you will have money with this deck trust me) and opponent stands at 1 layer of ICE. You can run anywhere. Even if you don't use it, just the threat of having it there is enough to have him reconsider slowing down, while he gets 2nd layer of ICE ... which gives you window(s) to draw,draw,draw and cycle through your deck.

10 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

I think this is a pretty good build, assuming that I'll understand it more when I play it. I do feel that based on drawsim'ing it, I'd find myself clicking for credits a lot early on. Not saying that's bad, I just feel bad doing it most times.

Also without faerie, dealing with komainu might be a real pain in the ass. No datasuckers means no instant parasting it away, and thats pricey as hell when you have 5-7+ cards in your grip. I can see the speed though, and pseudo inside job is very strong in shaper.

Personally, I can easily see this deck slotting code siphon. I'm guessing you haven't tested it yet since its a future card, but I have sleeved it up and if you don't mind a little tag-me action, or deferred tag-clearing, it is very good. The downside is that it is better in kate than exile, and the program suite here is still going to require some out of pocket.

As someone who has a soft-spot for Exile ,I'll probably fire this up on octgn at some point.

10 Dec 2014 Dydra

@x3r0h0ur I was watching the cards from the next data pack ... I am thinking about Code Siphon as well... but not more than 1 of. In the current build I'd replace 1x Test Run with 1x Code Siphon. :)

Thankfully you can recur Parasite easily as shaper or/and Femme the Komainu for my long-term solution.

Hardest thing that I encounter, even for me, while playing is when to Install the Origami and when to Freelance them. I guess I'll get to know that better with more practice :)

Also "clicking for credits" early .... very very rarely ... you need 3 for QT, Diesel .... if you land those two you will almost always have something to Freelance ... Assuming that you don't hit any, you should have hit an Origami or two ... install them and save most of your overdraw .... then proceed to draw for freelance or more draw .. :)

Play it and you will understand. :)

10 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

So are you looking to drop opus on the table right away, as shapers tend to want to do, or do you work through FCC and install it when you can? I can envision FCC'ing to pay for lady, using her for accessess, then when she's dry, scavenging her for opus from the heap for -1c and draw a card (that type of thing).

I know when I play Dirty Hands, 9/10 times Opus this the table in 1-2 turns. I get the feeling this cares less, but I want to be sure before executing.

10 Dec 2014 Dydra

As you put it " you work through FCC and install it when you can" .... that is true not only for Opus but for everything else as well...

Let me portrait the following picture for you ... for ~ 3 turns ( considering you have normal - not lucky, nor horrid draw) you will have 1/3 or 1/2 of your deck in your heap ... clone chip/astrolabe on the table and a test-run (maybe) in hand . You would be sitting at around 10-15c. Because it's turn 3, the opponent still has 1 layer of ICE on centrals or/and remote. You can clone-chip whatever breaker you need to get whereever you need.

If you don't have all your breakers in your heap ... you don't really care ... Program trash? You have 0 programs to trash, let him waste money... End the run? Fine w/e getting .... Net damage? You don't care ... you don't need to have anything in hand anyway (except maybe Scavange/ SoT / Memory).

You play, whatever you need ... whenever you need. Your heap is your hand.

Don't try to min-max things like putting Lady for 4, then running, then scavaging her .... no ... you Freelance the bitch for 2C and you call it if you need her with a Clone-chip ...

You call Opus only if you know enemy is going for late game .... OR you have something like OPUS, Diesel, QT in opening hand ... which I honestly still don't like, because instlaling the Opus slows you down with 1 or 2 more turns.

I hope you get an idea how to play this ...

10 Dec 2014 Dydra

The only, and only, thing I'm not 100% sold on is FCC-ing the Origami ... Everything else you can FCC the F out =) including SMC ( maybe save 1 if you know that he is running low str ICE like Tsurugi or Komainu, or that you can hit him hard with an instant speed Keyhole).

11 Dec 2014 CJFM

This deck wants Game Day so much. :)

11 Dec 2014 TheTick

Am I the only one, when reading the deck description, that had The Gambler by Kenny Rogers in his head?

12 Dec 2014 Dydra

@CJFM true that :)