Zahya's nightmare

Diogene 2181

Resulting from a discussion with adelfaidah on making a viable Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed deck.

This was made some week before the Zahya Countersurveillance deck came out. But since that deck came out, this archetype here counter it very well, mainly because it is running on High-Profile Target.

This is a classic tag and bag deck, with taxing ices, traps and ways to take credits from the runner.

Tag and bag

There is the usual combo of Hard-Hitting News and High-Profile Target, which synergize with Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed. False Lead is there for two reasons : more 1 pointers to trigger the ID and allow you to prevent the runner to take out enough tags to survive.

Additional synergy comes with News Team and Global Food Initiative. Forcing the runner to steal more agendas.

As usual for tag and bag deck, you need Best Defense to get rid of Misdirection, which otherwise render the deck completely lame.

Again, shoutout to adelfaidah for the fun chat about Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed deck building.


3 Oct 2021 Cooker

Tried this out and won with 8 agendas (including News Teams) in the runner's score area and 0 in mine. I was sure that I was going to lose until I didn't. 10/10

3 Oct 2021 x3r0h0ur

not 1 stock buy back?? brugh. -1 preemptive -1 regolith +2 stonk buy back!

4 Oct 2021 Diogene

@Cooker Thanks for the comment. It look like you had a wild game!

@x3r0h0ur I think you are on to something. I'll test it for sure. Thanks for the idea.

11 Oct 2021 PreNic

This is evil: really nice build! :)