Foundry Advance v1.3 - Math n' Stuff 12/7/14 Tournament

pandapersona 2581

The Foundry has a spot in the HB Fast Advance roster, specifically because of it's ability.

By continually rezzing ice and using the Foundry ability to fetch additional pieces, you are able to build quite taxing central and scoring servers. In addition, you are thinning out RND, which means that once you are ready to start fast advancing agendas, you'll hopefully be able to draw into the things you need.

The deck has been updated to use Executive Boot Camp to help build servers faster and cheaper, as it allows you to trigger the Foundry ability on your turn. Peak Efficiency also becomes a late game power card, easily generating between 7-10 credits.

This deck went second place in a 14 person tournament, 5 rounds of Swiss, ended up with a 4/1 record.

10 Dec 2014 xethebuilder

I was about to build a foundry FA deck with pups and popups when I saw this. Guess I'll be stealing it instead. Congrats on the strong finish.

11 Dec 2014 moistloaf

this deck is seriously weak v. noise. just played several games with it, and there is no way to keep agendas out of archives. easy wins for noise every time; mill and then crypsis for 1 run for the game

11 Dec 2014 moistloaf

I understand that Archived/Reclamation can be used to scoop agendas out of archives, and I did this once to score a Gila Hands, but you're not gonna be able to keep up with Noise's mill with your recursion. You can ICE Archives all you want, but he's gonna get in eventually

11 Dec 2014 romanoSoprano

This + nothing but Ichi 2.0 in here stops Noise for a long time (terrific targets for parasites), and Ichi itself will be clicked through or broken /w D4v1d.

How about -1 Daily Business Show -1 Executive Boot Camp +2 Jackson Howard. I guess all the archived memories and stuff can spare you getting 3rd jackson.

11 Dec 2014 Four_Leaf

This deck needs Jackson for answers to Indexing into The Maker's Eye and also archive answers. You can't ever safely pitch anything.

11 Dec 2014 pandapersona

Since you are the The Foundry: Refining the Process, you don't really need Jackson to stop Indexing runs, as you can either trigger The Foundry: Refining the Process ability or you can use an Executive Boot Camp.

11 Dec 2014 sruman

Is Executive Boot Camp really that useful here? There is not that much else to tutor ( more EBC's or daily shows) and 3 of ice cannot benefit from it ( not many but factor).

11 Dec 2014 pandapersona

The strength of Executive Boot Camp is that it allows you to trigger The Foundry: Refining the Process ability on your turn as well as when the runner hits a piece of ice on their turn. Allowing you to create taxing cheap ice servers very quickly.

11 Dec 2014 CJFM

@pandapersona Nice job at the tournament, jerk ;) Beat me out by 2 prestige. Foundry is super solid.

@sruman - @pandapersona and I have been testing the deck for a week or so, and the main thing that Executive Boot Camp offers you is the rez ability. Finding another asset is cool, but rezzing ICE on your turn to trigger Foundry, to power up Peak Efficiency is crazy good. The idea is that you're not surprising your opponent with ICE, you're surprising them by how fast you set up and how much money Peak makes you.

11 Dec 2014 CJFM

I keep telling him to add in 1 jackson at least, so maybe going to 2 of each is the right play.

12 Dec 2014 sruman

As another thought -- what about bi-frost array instead of 1 Gila? That ability to put 3 more tokens on an efficiency committee seems solid.

12 Dec 2014 pandapersona

I tried Bifrost Array for a while, but I f Lund I never needed another Efficiency Committee, I'd rather just have another economy source. In addition, Gila Hands Arcology has no benefit based on when you score it, so you don't lose anything when you score it first.

12 Dec 2014 sruman

As another idea on agendas, how about a Chronos Project to help in the match-up with Noise. If you can land that about mid-game, it would really cripple part of Noises strategy -- cache, D4v1d, and parasite recursion (not that David is that useful in this matchup).
FYI, hope it's clear but I'm interested in this deck variant as an alternate to my approach to Foundry FA that is more mid-to-late game than this one ( more money via adonis/eve, bigger ice, san-san, biotic depedant for 3/2 scoring). So comments more about finding the best version as opposed to nit-picking.

12 Dec 2014 nydnarb

I've played @pandapersona with this deck a number of times. It's surprising how fast it is. Executive Boot Camp is key to this decks success, in so much as I will focus on trashing it as soon as I see it. Otherwise, the deck quickly snowballs. Furthermore, when I do manage to get in to trash it, it's usually triggered to tutor a fresh one. It's frustrating and effective.