Stealth Kit 3000 v5

nybb 21

Just posting a list for somebody specific.

Quick rundown:

  • Kit needs to splash HQ pressure. I think HQI is a little better than Legwork if you can afford it, but I found it too expensive. At least two copies are needed for consistency

  • The rig of Refractor, Dagger, Corroder is quite efficient, and best of all, quite cheap. This allows you to run recklessly early. Kit with Gordian, Torch, or Yog has to respect unrezzed ICE behind other ICE, as a destroyer can ruin your day; with Refractor, it costs them more to destroy than it costs you to replace

  • I've tried cutting the Parasite, but NEXT Silver, Tsurugi, and Komainu are just too painful without it. You're rarely unhappy to see it anyway

  • Akamatsu instead of the last Astrolabe so you can eventually end up with 6MU if the game goes late, letting you run all 3 Cloaks, or 2 and Parasite

  • An early Scrubber always pays off

  • Because Kit generally only runs once a turn, click-heavy econ is fine (Armitage and Kati)

  • Silver bullet cards can be swapped around (i.e. Net Celebrity, Plascrete, Dirty Laundry). A third Astrolabe is nice against NEH, Feedback Filer is nice versus PE, a third Ghost Runner is good against Blue Sun. If you aren't sure, Diesel is always a good default option

15 Dec 2014 JamesG

8 sources of stealth credits ( lockpick/cloak/ghost runner) is probably too much. You will rarely, if ever, find yourself in a situation that you need all your stealth credits. Lockpick and cloak are usually enough. Also, why run corroder when you have Lady, which is in-faction and, imho, far better?

15 Dec 2014 nybb

Thanks for the comment! I run 8 stealth cards and 6 ways to get Refractor to ensure I can start pressuring from turn 1. Ghost Runner is also often needed against Blue Sun, since Curtain Wall needs 3 stealth credits to pump Refractor high enough, and it can take a while to get 3 sources of stealth otherwise. I could see cutting a Lockpick, but the thing is, the recurring stealth credits are also a core part of the deck's economy.

I would love to run Lady, but I feel like she needs too many support cards to fit in here. Namely, I don't have Test Run/Scavenge, and if I found a way to fit them in, they don't really synergize with anything else that well: Test Run is not great with Parasite if you have no Datasuckers, and I don't have anything expensive enough to warrant the Test Run/Scavenge combo.