Exile: Kennel Master

ncaron 105

Exile's strength is in creating synergy with using back programs that end up in the trash... well, this works super well with temporary breakers!

There are a bunch of nifty interactions there. * Test run a dog from the heap, draw a card, run with it spending its coutners and then it goes back to your deck. * Scavenge used up dogs for draw and free dog reload * Aesop old dogs for more money and bring them back mid run using clone chips

Is this the most competitive deck? Probably not, but it's a lot of fun to play!

Also, this is only the first draft... Please comment!

15 Dec 2014 Oisin

This is a cool deck list. But I wonder if it would play better out of Chaos Theory if you want to play Opus, because you don't have any extra MU. There's no way to get the full rig out and play Opus.

If you are committed to Opus, then you would need to at least include 3 Astrolabes. Otherwise, I would play 3 Professional Contacts or Kati Jones for long game economy.

16 Dec 2014 ncaron

@Oisin yeah I probably need to up the MU in this deck. Tested it twice and it's super fun to play but it's not quite there yet. The synergy of Exile with this is really good. You do a lot of test running your cards from archive, clone chips, scavenge... it easily adds up to a lot of free draws. Not entirely commited to Magnum Opus. Not sold on Professional Contacts for this deck since it already has a lot of draw. Kati Jones could be an option though... Will try it out.