Breakerless Quetzal

Nagnazul 135

The height of aggression, this deck aims to tear down everything the Corp tries to build. ICE is facechecked recklessly, credits are siphoned, tags are floated. Play whatever the top of your deck gives you; it's all good.

16 Dec 2014 GreedyCuttleFIsh

It looks good, but what happens if you're playing against a Tag 'n Bag?

16 Dec 2014 king_mob

Blue sun would drop your only breaker and parasites quickly, and I can only see one type of recursion. Maybe im missing something?

16 Dec 2014 Kroen

Quetzal+Knight is hardly enough to get into servers. Have you acrually tested this?

16 Dec 2014 king_mob

I like the simplicity of the idea though dont get me wrong. I would make the following changes though, if it were me, to plug the gaps:

-1 inject, -1 deja vu, -3 armitage codebusting, -1 joshua b, -3 account siphon, +2 vamp, +3 clone chip, +2 e3 feedback implants and another 2 inf on supplemental breakers of your choice. Consider drip econ like daily casts and maybe kati jones, although kati goes against the balls-to-the-wall early game hammer you trying to build here.

Keep the knights moving, using quet + e3 combo as soon as you have the implants on the table, make sure you are set for program recursion if you hit an archer/rototurret or are playing Blue Sun. I reckon this could be fun to play if your going full anarch and not being precious about having your stuff trashed -thats how i would play it anyway, run every click and trash all your stuff and laugh your ass off the whole time.

24 Dec 2014 Wookiee

Check out the article about this deck:

I am so very much in love with the insanity here-in.

Specific answers, since I read the article. ;) Greedy: They tag. They try to bag. But they shouldn't ever have enough credits to double Scorch you. They trash cards, and you replace or recurse.

Holding: BS destroys it. The article basically says "Just concede - this isn't a tournament deck." Re: e3 - there are 5 barriers with more than 1 sub. Kroen: It's hardly enough to get in to fully protected servers. The idea here is that no corp is going to have credits to rez Ice. If they do, parasite or knight it, and move on.

24 Dec 2014 king_mob

@Wookiee e3 triggers itself?

24 Dec 2014 Wookiee

I would consider throwing in an e3, to combo with Quetzal's ability. But the author seems to feel that those handful of Ice weren't worth adding e3, especially since Hive is the cheapest at 5 (7 with Rook) and the others are 8,9,14.

19 Jan 2015 Kroen

E3 also makes Knights cheaper. Back on topic: After reading the article, I'm in love with this deck, but can't bring myself to play it due to Blue Sun in my meta. I wish there was some way to make it work against it sigh...