Money for Dope

cbob 20

Did you know that scavenge can read '0: gain 4 credits and draw a card'? With cache and shehar... scheharaz... scheherazade and Exile, you too can have more money than you need to keep injecting yourself. With Levy AR Lab Access, you can recycle it all and keep injecting more!

What do we do with gobs of money? Atman/datasucker. Sorry I ran out of story.

17 Dec 2014 pleaix

maybe -1 inject + 1 parasite, just because you have all the recursion :3

17 Dec 2014 Bananifier

Do you intend to use both Levys in a game? Otherwise, -1 Levy +1 Same Old Thing might do the trick and be more flexible.

17 Dec 2014 Softman25

Honestly just surprised that Same Old Thing isn't a thing here. Considering you're going to want to Scavenge all day erry day, having more can't be a bad thing right?

17 Dec 2014 Kroen

Also, Lady instead of Inti is a thing these days (especially when you can reset it with Scavenge).

17 Dec 2014 cbob

@pleaix: Inject seems pretty important for digging; I'd more likely cut a Scheherazade as they're effectively useless in multiples, although we do want to find one. Parasite is a good call though.

@Bananifier, @Softman25: Yes! I hadn't thought of Same Old. It seems like I'd want to squeeze in two, but I'm already at 46 cards and am bad at cuts.

@Kroen: My principle for including Inti is basically just to dodge wraparound for cheap. With that said, Lady is probably better because we might actually use those counters on Eli if nothing else.

17 Dec 2014 Softman25

As a matter of principle, you have an effective 8 Scheherazades in the deck as of right now - 3 proper, 3 SMC and 2 Test Run - so even losing two wouldn't be all that painful! (Although I wouldn't recommend it, for the sake of a little consistency.)

Cut wise, maybe -1 Schez, -1 Sucker, -1 Levy, -1 Inti, -1 Cybersolutions, +2 SOT, +1 or 2 Lady, +1 Parasite, +1 Astrolabe and then leave it at having more than 45. This doesn't seem to be a deck totally reliant on mega consistent draws, so that's nice, and you've got that going for you.

I dunno, maybe I'm just dumb though