HB MachineGun v2

WingedHuman 3

This should be a fairly simple aggro deck.

load up ice on centrals, build massive 1-2x remotes, and score as quickly as possible.

17 Dec 2014 dtelad11

Interesting starting point for a Glacier deck - HB has tons of money for all of that glorious ice, and Heinlein Grid is a nasty surprise that is bound to cost the runner a lot of credits.

I suspect that your economy might be a bit weak, though, Alix T4LB07 is a) unique and b) slow to charge (plus vulnerable to trash), leaving you with 2x Adonis Campaign and the Hedge Funds. I would suggest going up to 3x Adonis, and maybe trying 2x Eve instead of the Alix. I'm not really sure about the Cerebral Overwriter - brain damage is a good deterrent, but not without some follow-up plan. Have you tried Aggressive Secretary instead? Seems like one or two of them will complement your core strategy well. Finally, I think your agenda mix is going to be difficult to score, even with the support you have in place. You might want to try going for more 4/2 or 3/2 (Project Vitruvius) agendas, sticking to just two or three "hard to score" like Priority Requisition or Mandatory Upgrades.

17 Dec 2014 WingedHuman

I chose to go with CO over AggSec just because I have never tried it out. Though I think going with AgSec will work better with the economy, (not like I have enough). I have seen what you mean with the Alix, I'll swap it out with Eve and do some testing to see how it goes. And you're definately right about the Agendas. Since I have 9 Influence left to burn I'm gonna look into splashing in some low cost Agendas as well

17 Dec 2014 dtelad11

Cool - trying new cards is always a good idea! Check out Cerebral Overwriter and decide whether it complements your deck or not.

Note that agendas never cost influence points, they are either neutral or faction-specific. If you're looking for uses for your influence, you might want to check Tollbooth, which is a great ice, Celebrity Gift, an excellent source of credits, Daily Business Show, which lets you filter your deck effectively, and Caprice Nisei, probably one of the best upgrades to defend a server.