HB MachineGun v3

WingedHuman 3

Followed some advice given from v2, replaced Alix with another Adonis, and Eve campaign. Replaced previous traps with AggSec, and replaced some agendas to bring in more low cost Agendas.

As always, recommendations are welcome

17 Dec 2014 dtelad11

Lookin' good - now let's see how it fairs against some runners :-) Good luck!

17 Dec 2014 WingedHuman

Thank you so much @dtelad11 for giving me the advice on the decks. It's helping me greatly with my deckuilding skills.

17 Dec 2014 dtelad11

You're welcome :-) Deck building is hard, the NRDB comment system is very helpful in that regard.

17 Dec 2014 WingedHuman

True that. If there was a way to give you a +1, or some kind of (insert awesome rating system here) then you sir would get one from me.

17 Dec 2014 dtelad11

laughing Thank you. I'm having fun browsing around NRDB. Also learning some new ideas.

17 Dec 2014 whuppo

i'd change Haas Pet Project for a second Gila. i think that Director Haas' Pet Project is too clunky and there are better agenda options.

otherwise its very easy to steal agendas from you. i think theres a lack of ice saying STOP RIGHT HERE.

whats your view on this deck?

22 Dec 2014 WingedHuman

@whuppo can you explain the difference between the Ice I've choosen for this deck and what you would consider an Ice that says "Stop Right There!"? Thanks