The Alternative, or Red + Green = Yellow

licoricemaniac 495


This is the deck I took to Canadian nationals, undefeated in swiss, got me to 2nd seed into top 16. Won me afterwards a store tournament (4 rounds 20 players) (the only loss in that tourney being to Benoit, GenCon's winner).

I held off publishing the deck for a long time (who needs another Fast Advance NEH?) but this deck is very different from your astrobiotics FA, and in the Canadian nationals it took all those Criminal players by surprise.


  • Can Fast advance a 3/2 agenda with 1 credit! Account siphon? bring it on!
  • While preparing ground for the TOL, we make our ice more taxing.
  • Can win as quickly as Astrobio, but capable of sustaining long games
  • Different rythm than Astrobio cofuses opponent.
  • More fun than Astrobio
  • Immune to Account Syphon... oh, did I say it already? Friggin immune to Account Syphon (gloating)... I had a game in nationals where the Gabe runner was recursing Account Syphon and spending all his money to succeed when my credit pool was 1-2 three turns in a row... priceless!)


  • Most influence is used to enable TOL. No room for double architect.
  • No deckspace to synergize with Shadow (in this version)
  • People will hate you.

Choices and alternatives:

Keep in mind this is the build I had back in August. With current card pool there are alternatives.

Shadow: Until Weyland gets another 1-inf advancable ice, Shadow is non-negociable. You need 6 advancable pieces of ice for consistency. Against Noise and Parasite, you want redundancy. If runner ignores your Shadows (likely), they make you very rich and thus enable you to rez your tollbooths. With the current cardpool, I would probably include an Information Overload to capitalize on all those tags.

Eli: maybe now you can replace them with one Architect (and one Info Overload) not sure if 1 architect is better than 2 Elis.

No Wraparound: I feel it is too redundant with Ice Wall (which naturally counters AI breakers when advanced) and vs Corroder ice wall is just better.

3 marked/2 pads: could easily be 2/3. Runers are more likely to leave marked accounts alone...

No tag punishment: If you want to remove an ice for a psychographics or closed account, be my guest. I think 15 ice is really the bare minimum. I would probably remove a marked account instead... and psychographics would be my first choice (because once they start floating they float real hard)

18 Dec 2014 BJester

Ah, how could we all forget Hobo NBN, nice job!

I agree shadow is a fantastic piece of too often overlooked ICE.

18 Dec 2014 licoricemaniac

I heard of the Hobo deck, did not know it was dedicated TOL. My deck is not meant to be poor (I usually swim in credits). But unlike Astrobio it does not suffer when poor.

I don't claim to be a top player. But seeing how everyone and their mother plays astrobio, I think this a less explored (and more fun) avenue which does not share Astrobio's vulnerabilities.