Dogs of War

x3r0h0ur 8583

Here is a deck I've been proxying since 2 packs ago, and it really has some teeth ( :D ), and now with the source, it's ready to go.

Earlier iterations ran HQI and legwork:

Chaos Theory Wünderkind

15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••

40 cards (min 40)

Cards up to The Source

Event (23)

3x Code Siphon

3x Diesel

2x Indexing

1x Levy AR Lab Access

3x Modded

2x Quality Time

3x Scavenge

3x Sure Gamble

3x Test Run

Hardware (7)

2x HQ Interface ••••

2x Plascrete Carapace

1x R&D Interface

2x Spinal Modem ••••

Icebreaker (7)

2x Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 ••••• •

2x Cerberus "Lady" H1

1x Femme Fatale •

2x Gordian Blade

Program (3)

3x Magnum Opus

The idea was to be able to run mostly without credits (spinal + counters). Eventually I evolved the idea to getting all of the breakers online as fast as possible and commencing to an R&D lock...and still maintain the dog theme. Turns out, cuj0 is actually quite nice. Femme is your early shaper-inside-job, allowing you to code siphon out opus for 2 credits and a tag, or siphon, then scavenge to R&D and then code siphon. Which leads me to the first thing to point out.

Early test run femme with heavy hitting events, 2 account and 2 code siphons and 2 indexings. Landing these early significantly shorten the game, so mull hard for test run and those events.

No resources because this is 100% tag-me shaper. With opus, we don't care about closed accounts, and with cash and plascrete, we're safe from scorch. Which, interestingly makes only psychographics scary. Against NBN, you might watch your tags if psychographics is around. This makes levy and interesting play around, but I've done lots of Dirty Hands Exile, so I'm used to it, I put 2 in because jinteki exists, but you could probably slot 1 and a feedback filter, or infiltration.

The current iteration I'm testing swaps in 1 dinosaurus for femme, eliminating the need for cuj0s late game, but I keep them around for the early game since you can code siphon it out with just 1 breaker off RnD.

As for counters go, I've learned that test running a dog to use it up, then let it go to the top of the deck and then draw and install is actually very do-able, especially with opus backed by account siphon and modded. This will really stretch your counters and copies.

This excels at early game pressure, and riding the razor's edge with tags sometimes from turn 1! All the draw helps you find 1 of your 3 of plascrete, which you'll need since clearing tags causes massive value drops off of code siphon.

Feedback welcome.

24 Dec 2014 jrp

I tested this deck in 4 games against NEH fast advance and it seemed promising. You can hit R&D really fast. Things went better after I adopted the policy of never accessing R&D without 4 credits to steal NAPD (well, probably that should have been my policy since NAPD was printed).

Can you explain Cuj0's role more? I never wanted to install one. Generally I had femme out early from test run + scavenge and at that point Femme can break things about as well.

I might test 1 Sharpshooter in that slot and use the 6 influence on something. Perhaps Emergency Shutdown or Legwork, or a 3rd siphon + one of those.

24 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

Cool, glad it's seeing play.

Cuj0s role is when you don't have a scavenge on hand for femme following a code siphon early game. Its free with code siphon, gets you online protecting your opus, and breaks archers and other big sentries for cheaper than femme. Rather, than repeatedly scavenging femme around for big ice, you can just keep her on standby with test runs.

Also, multiple copies of breakers are what makes it get online fast. You can modded out a cuj0 for free after a draw with quality time, efficiently getting 2 cards out of your hand, so you don't have to discard. A 3 cost sentry breaker that can protect opus and your ass is a real boon to the deck. I could see cutting 1 for something else, but I don't know of many good 3 inf cards that work in the slot. It opens up a lot of flexibility in whether or not you keep her installed for bypass or for using her all over the board.

My recommendation would be +1 account siphon +1 HQI -2 cuj0 if you don't use cuj0 that much. If you go that route, 1-2 dinosaurus looks good too, you could potentially cut a modded or scavenge or something for dinos.

24 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

To expand, you'll want HQI over legwork, you can afford it with opus and siphon, it works with modded, and is a static increase, better than 1 off of legwork without SOT. The third siphon is nice, because you can just hang tags all day.

I just like cuj0 so I can start facechecking without much worry about architect.

24 Dec 2014 jrp

Thanks for the comments. I'll test some more with +1 siphon +1 HQI +1 Dino -2 Cujo -1 Maker's Eye.

(Forgot to add, I had also changed +2 Maker's Eye -2 LARLA since there is not much Personal Evolution at my stores so far).

24 Dec 2014 jrp

Tested some more against NEH with the changes. I think I like it better but am not highly confident.