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4dd150n 140

This is my deck of just proxies. It is 100% made up of imaginary cards. I am only interested in cards that aren't out yet. I buy Netrunner cards from my local game shop and then immediately throw them in the garbage. "Your wares bore me!" I shout in the shopkeep's face, "How's this crap supposed to hold my attention? Get newer stuff!"

I don't know if this deck is very good as I have only play-tested it against some vaguely interested mice I found in the walls of my apartment complex. This deck's record is 1-5 against them but I am staying the course.

Current philosophies:

Game Day: This card will be the first to go when I create PROXIES ONLY v2.0 because I already know what the art looks like on this one and it's not due to come out for another couple of months. Can you believe how bored I'll be of this by then? NEXT.

Virus Breeding Ground + Harbinger + Beach Party. Generate some virus tokens and then use Harbinger to mill the corp for awhile. Then celebrate with some volleyball.

Eater: This is the most important Netrunner card ever printed.

What do you guys think? Please share with me your thoughts on how this could be improved/how this fairs against your local meta!

27 Dec 2014 kr0z

You're a funny guy, great memes

27 Oct 2018 granitoman

I think you may need some tools for the eater, i mean, he can be a gentleman eater after all with spooned forked or knifed