Scorching Blue Sun

anathomical 23

Listed for easy reference when I'm streaming.

This is my current Blue Sun build. It's pretty straightforward, and not doing anything terribly original. There are just a couple of things to call out here.

  1. I happen to prefer Amazon Industrial Zone loops over Adonis Campaign loops in Blue Sun: Powering the Future for economic abuse. They both result in 3 credits per click, but I feel that Amazon Industrial Zone has a couple of advantages: first, it's all in-faction and requires no influence; second, you can use it from turn 1, running it in a central server before you could protect Adonis Campaign; third, Amazon Industrial Zone gives you free wins against some decks (like Nasir).

  2. There are four cards in the deck that are there to try to deal with Plascrete Carapace: Taurus and the 2x Shattered Remains are there to try to blow it up directly, and Midseason Replacements can set up a triple-Scorched Earth turn later in the game. With the exception of the Taurus, each of these cards have secondary benefits that make them worth playing against decks without Plascrete.

24 Dec 2014 iMarco
24 Dec 2014 anathomical

I do love Power Shutdown, but the Shattered Remains actually serves a pretty important purpose not related to killing hardware. I feel that I need at least a couple of cards that can bait runs on a remote without giving up an agenda. GRNDL Refinery could work just fine for that, of course, but Shattered Remains also kills hardware, so I've chosen it.

There's an argument to be made that I should use Power Shutdown in that slot, as it's likely to be useful in more games (I probably hit a Shattered Remains once every six or seven games, whereas Power Shutdown tends to be useful in every game at least once), and that I should just use low-point agendas like Hostile Takeover to bait runs, and it's a decent enough idea that I'll probably do some testing along those lines just to see how things feel.

24 Dec 2014 Pinkwarrior

@anathomical Well i totally agree with you on Amazon Industrial Zone it's of my view if you want money in Weyland then look at Weyland cards that's what their good at, that said am not a fan of Amazon my self but each to their own i much prefer The Root my self.

I am surprised at Hedge Fund fund however from my playing of Blue Sun I've always found Restructure to be better as they can't really stop you just clicking your way to it anyway i run both however but if tight on a deck slot the hedge would go before the Restructure.

All in all i like the build nothing really fancy but you don't always need that. I've run into issues with OAI and Hardware trash my self but if it works for you then i can't fault you for using them.

25 Dec 2014 anathomical

@Pinkwarrior, An earlier iteration of the deck had The Root in it, but I found that it suffered from some of the same problems as Adonis Campaign: you have to protect it. It also isn't reliable in terms of generating value every turn. That said, combining it with Amazon Industrial Zone would be pretty insane...

As for the Hedge Fund vs Restructure debate, I can see your point. It's rare that I would draw the card after the first couple of turns and not be able to play either one. That said, my current thinking is that it is of maximum value on turn 1. Later in the game the difference between gaining four credits and gaining five isn't all that huge most of the time, but on the first turn there's a big difference between going to 9 credits and having to click for a credit. I think it may be a philosophical difference since I doubt the situations where it matters either way come up very often.

25 Dec 2014 Pinkwarrior

@Pinkwarrior The thing with The Root is that it helps defend it's self and build a remote as you just drop your ice down in front of it using the free creds, it also has a higher trash cost all in all i find The Root easyer to defend than Adonis Campaign at the end of the day i would argue that The Root is a better Adonis for these reasons and that it's no influence for Weyland.

I can however see the argument for Amazon Industrial Zone i personally don't like it because i prefer to have the surprise value on ICE, you have 8 barriers in the deck so theirs not a huge lose their. I aslo found it difficult for it to work for me i like the fact The Root keeps giving even when you have all your ICE up as you can use it for advancing and resin other cards.

As for Hedge Fund i can see your point. I find i don't need 9 from the off anyway but then i am running lower cost ICE than you 6 been the highest costing ICE in my deck and that's gone up from 5 recently.

Something i suggest you try out is Daily Business Show I've used it a fair bit and man it's good to the point am trading 1 Jackson to squeeze it in.