Wey too Teki

loodo 21

I've never been quite comfortable playing Weyland, so I thought I'd play Jinteki style Weyland.

Complete mind games at work, install and double advance all of the adanceable assests. Dedicated hits when ghost branch and snare land, plus the scorched threat. GRNDL for money, Reversed accounts for draining the runner, Junebugs to keep them double guessing and punitive for when things get stolen. At least they pay a credit for all the above privilages too.

The obvious problem comes with defending centrals, try and deter with checkpoints and stright up fire walls.

It's fun to play with.

26 Dec 2014 moistloaf

I wouldn't run more than 1 Reversed Accounts. I imagine, like PE, this deck doesn't really care how much money the Runner has, and also cannot really keep them at a reasonable amount of money. I would definitely find room for Executive Boot Camp, as it can fetch a Snare! into hand or a much needed Jackson.

26 Dec 2014 Brendan2026

Looks like this needs some Mushin No Shin! Find the room!

26 Dec 2014 Badeesh

I've been playing this for a while: netrunnerdb.com

Shell Corp and the new ice are great upgrades. RE: centrals, I went for aggressive secretary and will o wisps. This is a hugely fun deck to play.

27 Dec 2014 loodo

Thanks for the input! There is definitely a lot of room for individuality with this, in terms of the odd card here and there.

I'd love to have Mushin in there, very hard to find the influence for him though.

I shall continue to play about with it. :)