Killer hand, bro - Revisited

Heartthrob 2457

Because Killer Hand needed to get with the's almost 2015 now.

What's changed?

  • Reuse: This is the biggest boost CI has gotten in a long time. You can come back from a siphon turn that took you down to 0 credits without A) Losing your whole hand next turn and B) Possibly setting up a scorch win by "reusing" your entire hand for tons of creds and keeping a Scorch combo in cred range. Vamp + Opus used to mean Autolose for CI decks...not anymore.

IQ: Cause dang that thing can get awesome. Markus: Eli's BFF. Hades Fragment: To survive late-game millers. Heinlein: To get those creds down to SEA level.

The rest is standard CI. But seriously, dat Reuse!

I found the deck Reduce, Reuse and Recycle had already included the Reuse aspect so I derived from that to give it the love. This version took out Panic Button though, because it felt dead in most games