Tim's janky NBN Holy Grail

Sixtyten 77

Variation on the grail/midway deck that came out recently. Has only dropped 2 games in 2 recent 5 round tournaments...

29 Dec 2014 king_mob

Dont forget Tim, you invented it first!

29 Dec 2014 Sixtyten

Tim from the bristol UK meta had the idea the week before it was Deck of the week on here. I adapted and refined it with some success.

29 Dec 2014 king_mob

I was referring to Tim's story about he came up with NBN/Grail before it was a thing :). I had the pleasure of playing against Tim in the tournament in Bristol, just before Christmas. Insanely cool guy. Even better player. This deck was a speed demon as i recall.

30 Dec 2014 frost-duty

I'm not a fan of the Flare, I just can't see you having the money to rez it. Personally I would try and find a way to replace it with an architect.

Other than that this looks like a fun deck, I may well give it a try!

31 Dec 2014 kollapse

Took this to a smaller tournament yesterday and won 4 of 4 with it. Didn't once use Midway Station Grid but I did use Flare one time to pretty good effect. More than anything this deck is incredibly fun to play, and somewhat brought my live for NBN back after a slump.

1 Jan 2015 Cerberus

I <3 Tim

He is my hero.

Long live the King of Wales!

I would!


2 Jan 2015 Sixtyten

Flare has been useful - now removed in v2. It's a very fun deck to play, though had it's first losses against parasite recursion Kate (in someone who had played a similar one a few times before) and Noise whose ability is tricky to manage. I really want space for a cerebral static...