Captain Coherence

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A deck built around the idea of destroying the current biggest threat known in the lunar cycle: The IT department.


The bashing of the hammer still resonated through the hall leading to the lab as the Dedicated Response Team quickly secured it and took positions besides the door.


Spike C, designated point man, took a quick glance through the open door. The floor of the room was covered with whatever synthetic matter the head of a bioroid was made of. The man, giving his back to the door, was now lifting his hammer again to rest it on his shoulder. Asian, well-built, missing his left hand. They got the man.

Spike C signaled the rest of the squad and they rushed into the laboratory, started discharging their AR-15 at the body of Edward Kim until it didn't move anymore.

Once the haze of the gunfire cleared up Spike C took two steps forward and checked the body.

It had a lot of holes in it, the flesh was teared apart in several places, but something was obvious from what was left of the body.

It didn't have a navel.

It wasn't their man.

It was a clone.

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