Bleed 'em dry

danmwilson 152

This deck was built around Hemorrhage. With three and a Doppelganger you can force them to trash three cards from HQ per turn. With no cards, there's not a lot of options for the corp.

I want to extend the early game as long as possible by trashing those HQ cards. The breaker suite is built with that in mind, with Darwin being the only real late game breaker. Quetzal's ability also helps with making those runs. Keyhole adds some R&D pressure, and Parasite takes care of some of the larger ice they might be able to rez.

I think there might be too much economy but I haven't playtested enough to really tell. I definitely want to put some suckers in, but it's probably going to require cutting some of the econ, or maybe the Cyberfeeder's.

1 Jan 2015 Friff14

This looks incredible. Hemorrhage is ridiculously fun as it is, but if you're building the entire deck around it, it could make a really effective combo. Do you have any ideas on how to get that hemorrhage out quickly?
Do you just use Duggar's?

Also, great call on the Security Testing. If you're playing against an NEH deck, this is going to be amazing.

Have you given thought to any other IDs for this? Quetzal just doesn't seem like she's the perfect fit for it, and I don't really like the use of 4 influence for E3 if you've got Corroder anyway. Of course, the only other one I'd really say would be any better would probably be MaxX, and she ain't out yet; plus you'd have to have a bunch of recursion.

Definitely going to give this combo a shot when O&C hits.

1 Jan 2015 danmwilson

Nothing else really seemed like a great fit. You want to be able to make those runs and Quetzal helps you do that. MaxX might be good, although not as directly helpful. I could drop Duggar's though which would free some slots. I use Djinn to find the Hemorrhage's as well, and could probably drop them too. I like the Corroder's as backup, if I need to make more than one run into barriers per turn. As far as effectiveness goes, with three hemorrhages out it's crippling. If they don't spend the turn clicking for cards or play some kind of draw you're going to keep them at zero cards in hand. I might try dropping e3 and maybe putting another Corroder in and see how that works.

1 Jan 2015 Friff14

Just realized how much of a counter Jackson Howard is. More than ever, he's an instant trash!

I definitely don't think you should drop the djinn. I hadn't noticed that before. That's probably the quickest way to get the combo online. Plus, you can run that and a full breaker suite at the same time. Very nice.

Do you think Eater could fit this build? Since it's all about the successful runs, I think it could work really well.

1 Jan 2015 danmwilson

About Jackson, I'm actually not sure how much of a counter he is. Keep in mind if they use Jackson three times then they have to discard at least one, and if they have a free server open run twice with Doppelganger and trash three more. So they drew six cards and trashed four. Even better is when that free server is HQ, because you can snipe agendas and assets and then trash some more cards. In the best case that means you just trashed a full hand in one turn. With that in mind a dilemma appears when considering Eater. While it is amazing at enabling successful runs I'm not sure it's worth sacrificing the extra pressure on HQ. It would require some play testing, and potentially the cutlery set in order to get rid of the ice on HQ permanently.

1 Jan 2015 Friff14

But if they use Jackson twice on a turn, they can use one of their cards. And if they've got two cards they want to use, they can use them both the next turn. One of those could be a counter to the combo. A power shutdown could do some serious damage.

What do you think of having a datasucker and mimic over the Cuj.0? Datasucker and hemorrhage go really well together, and Cujo only works for four runs.

1 Jan 2015 danmwilson

That's what I'm considering. I hit a very well timed archer once and that knocked me from the space age to the stone age. A toked up datasucker and mimic would have been good protection from that.

Good point about power shutdown. I don't see a lot of them in my meta, but I only keep two of the hemorrhages on djinn just in case. I could also run some recursion to deal with that.

In my experience though, Jackson has never been a problem. The idea is really to keep the corp's options limited by essentially forcing their hand size down to two cards.

1 Jan 2015 Friff14

I'm going to try this out tonight. I'll do it the way it's written here and with some modifications, then report on it.

So do most corps change their play style when they get what you're doing? How do games usually run down?

1 Jan 2015 danmwilson

Awesome! I'm curious to see what you do with it. Most of the time the corps will be forced into a style of either playing whatever they draw, or drawing and trying to hold on to the key combo pieces.

1 Jan 2015 Friff14

At what point do you hit archives?

1 Jan 2015 danmwilson

When I think there's enough. It depends on how many agendas you've managed to steal until then. Most people will protect archives pretty hard when they realize what's happening, so I'll try and draw hades shard while still using hemorrhage and just pay for hades shard the old fashioned way.

3 Jan 2015 CobraBubbles

I'm thinking Valencia could be a fun ID choice for this kind of deck when O&C hits. You can combine her with Itinerant Protesters and Investigative Journalism to keep the corp's hand down even more. That might be overkill though, it sounds like the Hemorrhage pressure is pretty sufficient as is.

4 May 2015 ctxjckl

This deck is so fun. I've been playing it a lot lately! I found that I was never using Duggar's though so I opted to swap it out for I've Had Worse, which so far has been a great decision.

4 May 2015 danmwilson

Glad you're enjoying it! I've Had Worse is definitely a good decision.