The Backstreet Girl - Sneakdoor Chaos, 3 months in testing

kyokorebit 108

The deck focuses on pressuring HQ, but actually it is done by pressuring all 3 servers. I have tested it heavily for the last 3 months on octgn, so if you're a frequent octgn player you might have played against a janky Chaos that uses Sneakdoor Beta.

Gameplan is as follow: If you can setup Magnum Opus fast (Test Run Scavenge, or Stimhack SMC) then go for it. If not, the burst economy from Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry is often enough for you to apply early pressure with Indexing and Legwork. Indexing first click against 1 R&D ice is a great face-checking play since the event costs 0 anyways and almost guarantees an ice rez.

When the corp puts more ice on R&D, start your Legworking. Putting HQ Interface on Workshop alone can make corp start icing up HQ. But don't use Legwork just because you can, you just want the corp to spread their ice thin so that you can prepare for your last move.

If by now the corp hasn't ice up Archive yet (a decent player will ice Archive when they see HQ Interface though) then Sneakdoor away to victory!

Usually it's hard for the corp to setup remote to score because your sniping potential is formidable with Stimhacks. This deck can also setup really fast and race against fast advance deck. You see a lot of 1-of but since almost all of your cards are either tutorable or can be saved on Workshop, and with a 40-card deck, the deck requires really few diggings through.

Give it a try and I hope you will find it interesting!

2 Jan 2015 king_mob

I really like this deck, its an interesting take on the CT speed deck type you normally see with PW+Stimhack.

2 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

@kyokorebit Yeah theirs a lot of one of's in your deck but the way you've done it is like the Professor dose them their isn't really a 1 of that doesn't have another with a similar job for instance Box-E gives 2 MU but Leprechaun can fill that roll 2.

Your only weak point in that regard is Codegate breakers as you only have Gordian Blade but i can see this deck working well despite that.

8 Feb 2015 JAK

Sneakdoor in CT seems really interesting. Have you tried Levy or Utopia Shard in the list?

Utopia Shard seems pretty cool in combination with Sneakdoor+HQI. You're probably going to get to see almost everything, with that.